To be considered as tweets without twitter. Some might be original, others are not

Maybe original?

too small and numerous to fail

RCP 2.6 or bust

Movement > Mobility > Circulation > Transportation > Traffic

Cities used to be fortified against external threats. Cities now need to be contained so as to not be a threat to the countryside.

Razing malls and raising cities

Mini design guidelines: Ensure access to sun, open space, mass transit & active transportation. 0' setback, parking at rear or under bldgs.

Central Park : NYC :: Charles River : Boston-Cambridge


Cities are people, stones, and rules (credit to Joan Clos)

Not a city — the city (credit to Benjamin Bratton)

Avantgarde recreation (credit to WORM Rotterdam)

The future is climate-powered

climate renaissance

Ambient emergency

Housing is where jobs go to sleep at night

It is much better to have a plan than have no plan at all, because once you have a plan it can attract criticism, and criticism is essentially feedback to make it better. If we don't have a plan now we won't get anywhere by 2050... Our absence of a plan is having catastrophic consequences. (credit to Bjarke Ingels)