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The following is an archive of my Tweets from April 2013 to November 2022. Thank you to Tim Hutton for the Twitter Archive Parser and for his technical support via this thread. The parser is very helpful for getting the correct links and full resolution images, as well as creating this HTML format.

We’re working with municipalities to comply with the recent MBTA Communities multifamily legislation, including understanding the impact and rezoning. Reach out if you’re interested having a quick discussion about how we can help! https://www.stantec.com/en/ideas/spotlight/market/mbta-communities
 Tue Oct 11 17:12:20 2022

Love this pedestrian passage between mid rise and townhomes. Denver LoDo

 Sun Oct 09 19:49:55 2022

Replying to @BenForWard3

Add two-way protected bike lanes on walnut street to connect union sq and the community path extension
 Tue Sep 27 14:46:58 2022

Growth in net new households is strong, but housing production is struggling to keep up. The lack of housing supply is driving up prices, so people are more cost-burdened. Regulations need to give multifamily a chance, and subsidies are needed for households with lowest incomes. https://twitter.com/Harvard_JCHS/status/1570808985607098368

 Fri Sep 16 17:29:28 2022

Replying to @JeffSpeckFAICP and @PetruSofio

Interesting. From my experience, red means red in NL, if you run it you’ll be in trouble with oncoming traffic, whereas in Boston red is the new yellow. I’d support the change to be more efficient!
 Wed Sep 14 12:46:12 2022

With students coming back in to the city I thought I'd post my reading list for this fall
📓 The City in History by Lewis Mumford
📘 Fixer-Upper by Jenny Schuetz
📗 Arbitrary Lines by M. Nolan Gray
📙 Soft City by David Sim
📕 In Defense of Housing by David Madden & Peter Marcuse
 Thu Sep 01 17:15:47 2022

1940 Post-agriculture: housing subdivisions on farms
1990 Post-industrial: housing near urban centers in factories
2010 Post-retail: housing on dying malls
2020 Post-office: housing in prime downtown locations
 Thu Aug 25 13:12:34 2022

Replying to @nelszzp

Great graphic from Washington Post showing how working-age Americans moved 2020-2021 https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2022/08/19/remote-work-hybrid-employment-revolution/
 Tue Aug 23 14:28:48 2022

Replying to @nelszzp

Remote work's impact on urban planning is fascinating and evolving. I've been keeping some notes here - https://nels.city/wfhcities.html
 Mon Aug 15 14:27:57 2022

Replying to @nelszzp

Discussion of elevated priorities when remote work is possible: social fabric, universities/college towns, safety, supermarket not actually be a requirement with delivery services; avoid pollution, natural disasters, sea level rise; see @NomadList, http://movemap.io
 Mon Aug 15 14:27:57 2022

Ask HN: How to find a small town to relocate for remote work? Author wants to get away from $1M homes and find a walkable place with amenities (restaurants, bars, schools, airport, supermarket) and a good climate https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=32465372
 Mon Aug 15 14:27:56 2022

What if we stopped zoning by use, but instead directly regulated nuisances like noise, emissions, vibrations, light pollution, vehicle trip generation w smart tech? Anything goes as long as negative externalities do not exceed the agreed performance levels https://www.smartcitiesdive.com/news/miami-beach-noise-detecting-cameras-24-acoustics/627736/
 Fri Jul 22 16:58:11 2022

I'm impressed by @CHADesignStudio's preapproved housing types, incl The Bachman, a handsome 6-plex. This is a step forward in greenlighting missing middle and multifamily housing development that I expect will catch on https://www.mychatthouse.com/house-plans/
 Wed Jul 20 21:16:51 2022

Replying to @JeffJMason

Tired: solarpunk

Inspired: solar bebop
 Tue Jul 19 18:40:16 2022

Replying to @nelszzp

- Thankfully, this type of development is historically very popular (Back Bay Boston, Mission District SF, Brooklyn NY, Columbia Heights DC), and MA is a leader in the country in terms of pushing municipalities to allow this type of housing via MBTA Communities legislation
 Fri Jul 08 13:32:47 2022

Replying to @nelszzp

- and associated negative externalities of greenhouse gas emissions, other pollution, noise, and space use. In order to truly create a walkable environment that has sufficient population density to support those amenities, we need about 4-story buildings on average -
 Fri Jul 08 13:31:56 2022

I'm surprised when I see climate-focused discussions still hung up on whether higher density housing is sustainable or not. Housing within walking distance of destinations (schools, parks, grocery stores, employment, restaurants, etc) decreases motor vehicle miles travelled -
 Fri Jul 08 13:30:48 2022

Replying to @nelszzp

Bonus content: my Net Zero Waterfall graphic that shows a menu of interventions across buildings, mobility, energy, and utilities
 Thu Jun 30 18:40:44 2022

I wrote about Net Zero Communities - five factors for policymakers, planners, and designers that are essential for making the great transition http://pbynd.co/8hz3e
 Thu Jun 30 18:37:49 2022

 Tue Jun 28 00:13:40 2022

Reed & Barton Mills in Taunton, MA, potential future adaptive reuse for housing. Lovely architecture and nice flowing water.
 Fri Jun 24 19:53:32 2022

Historic 8-unit multifamily housing on Caruso Park in Sunset Heights, El Paso https://goo.gl/maps/P5smQ1iu8QdJWdsA8
 Wed Jun 22 13:47:57 2022

ATL townhomes with front stoops and rear parking and service https://goo.gl/maps/mtjfi4e2XC1JUfNG8

 Wed Jun 22 13:44:53 2022

ATL multifamily, complete with individual entrances for ground floor units, a bus stop, and retail (not shown)
 Wed Jun 22 13:43:25 2022

I'm impressed by this publication's approach to infill development, micro-developers, and small-scale rental housing https://www.dag.org.za/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/small-scale-rental-housing_publication.pdf https://twitter.com/DAG__activism/status/1534456379062239232
 Fri Jun 10 13:01:23 2022

Boston looking fresh after the rain ☘️
View from Prospect Hill Somerville
 Thu Jun 09 22:30:13 2022

Boston region's pipeline for lab space is almost double the existing lab space (49M sf pipeline vs. 27M sf existing) https://www.nmrk.com/insights/thought-leadership/2021-year-end-life-science-overview-market-clusters
 Tue May 24 13:30:52 2022

TIL Denmark requires all multifamily units to have a balcony. That’s a good regulation and contributes to their lovely housing stock https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/leading-voices-in-real-estate/id1193591199?i=1000561521859
 Wed May 18 17:15:39 2022

Polar sun path chart program, still great http://solardat.uoregon.edu/PolarSunChartProgram.html
 Thu Apr 28 02:22:53 2022

"If we build the right infrastructure, right away, the future will be awesome! ... There can be no 'not in my backyard' with solar and wind energy. Consider that fossil fuels are pervasive and pollute everyone’s back yards—in the air, water, and soil." ~@GriffithSaul 🌎
 Fri Apr 22 12:04:21 2022

We visited Hilde and Earle at their Cape Cod Ark, a 1970s "living machine" sustainability experiment by the New Alchemists that integrates housing, greenhouse, aquaculture, and other closed-loop systems. It is still operating beautifully. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQKFL-9PJ1A

 Thu Apr 21 12:22:35 2022

41.7234251, -70.2371584 … marsh on cape cod
 Wed Apr 20 01:25:23 2022

5 stars, highly recommended, engaging and informative read, and @GriffithSaul shares my love of sankey diagrams @rewiringamerica #electrifyeverything https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/56702078-electrify
 Tue Apr 19 18:25:25 2022

Replying to @nelszzp

And the reverse commute, looking north
 Thu Mar 24 21:31:33 2022

Union Square ➡️ North Station tunnel on a rainy day, looking south #GLX I had a smooth first ride
 Thu Mar 24 13:51:13 2022

Replying to @dmtrubman

My thought is that cities will still have draw, and that this shift will help save rural areas from becoming ghost towns
 Mon Mar 21 16:17:54 2022

Replying to @nelszzp

this is a thread now. last night was very blue
 Wed Mar 16 13:37:47 2022

#NetZero at the district scale:
1⃣ @GHGProtocol for Cities (2021)
2⃣ @USGBC LEED Zero (2020)
3⃣ @ICLEI Community Protocol (2019)
 Tue Mar 01 17:58:33 2022

celebrating walkable neighborhoods #SuperBowl
 Mon Feb 14 03:18:46 2022

2022 urban design trend: biophilic mixed use
 Fri Feb 04 16:20:45 2022

This report is full of pragmatic and incremental steps for expanding the use of technology in urban management https://twitter.com/cornell_tech/status/1392465943184478213
 Tue Feb 01 15:57:28 2022

I took a 24 hour time lapse of the snow on Propsect Hill #somervillema
 Sat Jan 29 22:59:42 2022

https://www.connectedpapers.com is neat @ConnectedPapers
 Fri Jan 07 02:04:54 2022

Last night on Prospect Hill in Somerville
 Wed Jan 05 13:54:39 2022

Replying to @bchesky

where do you want to live when your kids aren't in school
 Tue Nov 09 19:58:40 2021

RT @CCIdotCity: We wrap up #UrbanOctober with "Barefoot Planning" - a new paper by @nelszzp and Sam Sternin - proposing an adaptive mechani…
 Fri Oct 29 16:13:47 2021

Replying to @mattyglesias

Attainable is another good word
 Wed Oct 27 16:41:42 2021

You can listen to me and Memo from the @HarvardChanSPH talk about healthy cities and resilience to extreme heat in this podcast series related to the upcoming #COP26Glasgow https://www.stantec.com/uk/ideas/the-scope-episode-1-heat-resilient-cities
 Thu Oct 21 14:43:21 2021

Replying to @somerbikesafety

this square is a real challenge. no doubt that Somerville will do something creative and great with it
 Sat Oct 16 00:39:18 2021

just look at that urban low-VMT life. playing around with @replica
 Tue Oct 05 20:51:39 2021

Replying to @BenForWard3

If there is one thing I'd ask for: individual entrances and stoops for ground-level units to add activity and personality to the street, i.e. Image C in their written submission, Back Bay, or Cambridge Crossing (linked) https://goo.gl/maps/z1vy6cywuxcYqaur8
 Tue Oct 05 15:49:04 2021

Oslo’s Barcode District and opera house are examples of great contemporary urban design
 Wed Aug 25 14:51:01 2021

Replying to @nelszzp

I'm seeing a lot of publications on the Zoom Boom, Zoom Towns, workplace flexibility, future of work, and the ilk, so I'm collecting resources in a sort of meta-analysis that I'll keep up-to-date periodically https://nels.city/wfhcities.html
 Wed Jul 28 08:21:57 2021

Replying to @popupcity and @Anne_Hidalgo

100-Millisecond City
 Tue Jul 20 09:12:30 2021

Communities on the receiving end of the "Zoom Boom" -- young, highly educated, affluent knowledge workers moving out of urban core areas -- have been suburban, semirural, and rural areas within a few hours drive of major cities https://www.cbre.us/research-and-reports/COVID-19-Impact-on-Resident-Migration-Patterns
 Wed Jul 07 10:14:31 2021

Smart cities and heat resilience!
🪙 Triple-bottom-line lifecycle costing for sustainable infrastructure
🛰️ Extreme heat event analysis with NASA's ECOSTRESS
📍 Location data for adaptive capacity assessment
⚖️ Equitable investment distribution https://twitter.com/Stantec/status/1404816681847988226
 Wed Jun 16 08:43:15 2021

Replying to @circulareconomy and @PVHCorp

blocklattice 🤔
 Wed Jun 09 13:51:05 2021

I started a public list of urbanists, let me know who is missing https://twitter.com/i/lists/1402209073559486466
 Wed Jun 09 08:58:24 2021

I'll be keeping an eye on the City Data Standard - Mobility (CDS-M) being developed in NL as a common API between mobility providers (shared cars, e-scooters, bikes), users, and public authorities for traffic mgmt https://openresearch.amsterdam/en/overview/70020
 Fri May 28 08:14:58 2021

I'm really enjoying the @CCIdotCity podcast series. The hosts are well-informed, the guests are fantastic, and the conversations are long and in-depth. https://www.chartercitiesinstitute.org/post/charter-cities-podcast-episode-3-alain-bertaud
 Tue May 25 07:29:42 2021

"By 2050... Global energy demand is around 8% smaller than today, but it serves an economy more than twice as big and a population with 2b more people. Almost 90% of electricity generation comes from renewable sources, with wind and solar PV together accounting for almost 70%." https://twitter.com/fbirol/status/1394518343516889096
 Thu May 20 21:03:22 2021

No parking requirement for neighborhood grocery stores! Larger as-of-right stores! NYC's FRESH is a cool program and is being expanding to additional districts https://www1.nyc.gov/site/planning/about/press-releases/pr-20210519.page
 Thu May 20 20:37:41 2021

Late spring in Amsterdam
 Thu May 06 11:07:46 2021

I think @googlephotos is making fun of me
 Mon May 03 20:40:06 2021

these apartments spanning a road in Mercatorbuurt are part of a wider Dutch style that includes the Poortgebow, Amsterdams Lyceum, and Rijksmuseum
 Mon Apr 05 11:23:05 2021

shared courtyard garden in Amsterdam, near Central Station
 Mon Apr 05 10:49:43 2021

Trees are cool. via Greening Sydney Strategy (pdf) @cityofsydney https://meetings.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/documents/s50798/Attachment%20A%20-%20Draft%20Greening%20Sydney%20Strategy.pdf
 Sun Mar 28 11:13:11 2021

Replying to @wrathofgnon

Use the peacetime military industrial complex to deploy renewable energy technology. Solar is a kind of modern roof tile. It will literally make us safer. Should be part of any Green New Deal.
 Wed Mar 17 11:02:09 2021

the coolest #NFT is a Certified Emission Reduction @UNFCCC buy them here https://offset.climateneutralnow.org/AllProjects
 Thu Mar 11 08:53:01 2021

Reversing Car Dependency via @ITF_Forum https://www.itf-oecd.org/reversing-car-dependency
🏨 Review land-use regulations that hinder compact development patterns
⚖️ Integrate planning of transport & land use
🚲 Ensure quality alternatives to private cars
🚫 Abolishing minimum parking requirements
 Tue Mar 02 09:06:46 2021

Replying to @CityDescriber

Comfort Town, Kiev, Dniprovskyi district
 Mon Mar 01 15:09:10 2021

Beautiful evening by Rembrandt Park, Amsterdam
 Fri Feb 26 19:27:47 2021

Coronavirus rules update in NL for March 3-15.
Curfew, work from home, limited number of household visitors, primary school open, cafes & gyms closed.
I appreciate @Rijksoverheid's approachable graphic design.
#alleensamen #coronavirus #avondklok https://www.rijksoverheid.nl/documenten/publicaties/2021/02/23/beeldsamenvatting-coronamaatregelen-3-maart
 Thu Feb 25 10:03:57 2021

The @USDOT Valuation of Travel Time (VTTS) is a metric used to evaluate and justify public spending on highway widening to increase speed as a benefit for the users.
Let's turn it on its head to justify compact mixed-use neighborhoods where activities are simply closer together.
 Sat Feb 20 13:08:12 2021

Looks like 2021 is going to be another especially good year for appreciating urban design as we wait for buildings to reopen
 Mon Feb 15 16:33:36 2021

Ice breaking the canal this morning
 Fri Feb 12 08:01:04 2021

Dutch blocks are sometimes very long. And you know what? I'm ok with the honesty and efficiency. Plus, some human-scale features subtly break up total monotony.
📍 https://goo.gl/maps/oVWeNCwNqXbqAAHaA
 Thu Feb 11 10:53:23 2021

Snowy sunday evening in Amsterdam #codeoranje

 Mon Feb 08 12:48:45 2021

Party walls are great. Jan Vrijmanstraat and Nico Jessekade, Amsterdam

 Sun Jan 31 22:12:29 2021

YES! "Biden has instructed the US government to pause and review all oil and gas drilling on federal land, eliminate fossil fuel subsidies and transform the government’s vast fleet of cars and trucks into electric vehicles." https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/jan/27/joe-biden-climate-change-executive-orders
 Thu Jan 28 09:26:54 2021

The Sphere Standards establish indicators for water supply, sanitation, shelter, etc in humanitarian situations. As such, it is a sort of “minimum viable product” specification for human settlements. In 2020, they released a 2nd guide for urban settings.
 Tue Jan 26 09:47:35 2021

Sunday lope around the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park near the town of Driehuis. The dune forest ecosystem is lovely in winter.
 Mon Jan 25 14:15:25 2021

RT @Stantec: How can lessons learned from #COVID19 help improve #urban social equity and wellness? @nelszzp shares global urban planning op…
 Thu Jan 21 18:12:41 2021

For the person in your life who already knows everything about bike infrastructure and advocacy, I recommend "Bike City Amsterdam: How Amsterdam became the cycling Capital of the World" (2019). Smart urbanism, not smart cities! I made some notes here -
 Mon Jan 11 09:13:19 2021

Replying to @riotpedestrian

I like this because it broadly describes these modes without getting into the motorized-or-not dimension, but I worry that it is urban planning jargon that the public might not immediately understand 🤔
 Thu Jan 07 12:14:37 2021

What plain language term best encompasses transportation by bike, walking, scooter, skateboard, and other modes (including electric-assisted) that are generally slower than 25 km/h (15 mph)?
 Thu Jan 07 11:39:43 2021

Replying to @JeffSpeckFAICP

You can get the same rush biking on Boston's Cambridge St by MGH
 Thu Dec 31 08:52:51 2020

Weekend trip to the end of time playground
📍 https://goo.gl/maps/rZehYnc1gWjvcx8x9
 Sun Dec 13 20:30:59 2020

My street is a James Turrell
 Thu Dec 10 19:31:29 2020

The absence of street light poles really helps fit travel lanes, two tram tracks, parking lanes, bike lanes, sidewalks, and bldg frontage uses within this very tight right-of-way (+/- 60', 18m). Plus, catenary lights are pretty.
📍 https://goo.gl/maps/BfSFmtAkhK4uDuMd7
 Thu Dec 10 09:09:21 2020

The right width of a two-way rural road for local access. My length for scale (6’). Great for walking, biking, farm vehicles, and yielding car traffic.
📍 https://goo.gl/maps/9m6CupiYi32czpvK9
 Sun Dec 06 12:26:41 2020

Something a little bit different for #mturban this time, instead of walking around a district we walk around a sculpture park, Verbeke Foundation, Belgium. It is one of my favorite places and has a lot of large scale and ecology-themed artworks. https://youtu.be/viEydWaEnGc
 Sun Nov 08 10:10:00 2020

Kortenaerplein, Amsterdam #mturban walkthrough. This unsung square in Amsterdam West caught our eye with its human-scale features, interesting site design, and mix of historic and contemporary architecture tucked away off the main street. https://youtu.be/UjGDRwp1gBI
 Sun Nov 08 10:10:00 2020

Hygiëaplein is part of Berlage's master plan for South Amsterdam. The plaza and buildings were mostly constructed the 1920s in the Amsterdam School style #mturban https://youtu.be/mwNOJibnnQM
 Sat Nov 07 10:10:00 2020

Walkthrough Laan van Spartaan, Amsterdam. Planned by Dijk&co from 2008-2018, this district is centered on a sports complex. This is part of the #mturban series of trips to check out realized urban design projects. https://youtu.be/1QrcgPcNXho
 Fri Nov 06 10:20:00 2020

Replying to @nelszzp

In case you missed it, the recording is now up https://www.stantec.com/en/ideas/topic/cities/webinar-recording-global-panel-on-covid-19-responses-in-vulnerable-urban-contexts
 Thu Nov 05 15:26:00 2020

Walking through Borneo-Sporenburg, Amsterdam during the pandemic, planned by West 8 in 1993. It is a landmark project for the high-density low-rise housing typology. Follow along #mturban https://youtu.be/JT27PiJIYQI
 Thu Nov 05 10:05:00 2020

Walkthrough of Java-eiland in Amsterdam, master planned by Sjoerd Soeters in 1991. Inspired by Jan Gehl, we're taking trips to significant urban design projects and observing the outcome. Follow along #mturban https://youtu.be/Gy9cZKAjcIg
 Wed Nov 04 20:39:51 2020

This Thursday, October 29, join Sam Sternin and me for a #worldcitiesday discussion about the #SARSCoV2 pandemic in vulnerable urban contexts across the world with panelists @danrivera01843, @GautamBhan80, @AllanDevworks, and Dr. Godwin Mindra

 Tue Oct 27 10:19:51 2020

The Landscape of Innovation by Bill Gates' @Breakthrough has 55 "technical quests" - a fantastic to-do list of technology needs for avoiding catastrophic climate change while maintaining high living standards https://www.breakthroughenergy.org/landscape/
 Tue Sep 29 15:59:10 2020

I appreciate that the World Wildlife Fund is pro-city https://twitter.com/WWFCities/status/1310188411479875585
 Sun Sep 27 13:24:36 2020

Replying to @nelszzp

The tipping point of population density and proximity holds this all together as a walkable and bikeable environment, which is very hard to achieve when providing space for vehicle storage, even in multi-storey garages.
 Wed Sep 02 12:56:50 2020

It occurred to me that a commonality between my house, grocery store, doctor's office, and barber shop (to name a few typical services) is that they all have at least 3 floors housing above them and zero off-street parking.

 Wed Sep 02 12:54:39 2020

Replying to @nelszzp

Talking costs: "Consider what it’s taking to achieve this 8% reduction. More than 600,000 people have died, and tens of millions are out of work. This April, car traffic was half what it was in April 2019. For months, air traffic virtually came to a halt." https://www.gatesnotes.com/Energy/Climate-and-COVID-19
 Mon Aug 10 14:13:51 2020

How far would you walk to your primary occupation, i.e. job, higher education? Beyond this one way distance you'd choose another way to get there.
 Fri Jul 31 10:15:20 2020

How far would you walk to access basic services, i.e. grocery story, restaurant, park, transit stop, library? (One way. Beyond this distance you'd chose another way to get there.)
 Thu Jul 30 12:43:12 2020

The City of Amsterdam has tons of public maps, incl niche (squirrel bridges locations) and quirky (How Big is Amsterdam?)... shown below over the Boston area https://maps.amsterdam.nl/hoegroot/?LANG=en
 Thu Jul 23 11:34:23 2020

Replying to @nelszzp

And Memphis, around the concept of Community Anchors https://www.cnu.org/publicsquare/2020/07/21/memphis-plans-long-term-growth-around-community-anchors
 Wed Jul 22 11:28:21 2020

Replying to @nelszzp

Melbourne is also getting into it https://www.planning.vic.gov.au/policy-and-strategy/planning-for-melbourne/plan-melbourne/20-minute-neighbourhoods

 Fri Jul 17 09:54:43 2020

I'm obsessed with @Anne_Hidalgo's "Quarter Hour Paris" approach, so I translated the banner graphic captions. To have a mayor with a strong urban design platform running a city that already has 50% of trips made by walking is very exciting.
 Fri Jul 03 12:57:56 2020

Vice article featuring @DavidDixonUrban and @Stantec's Urban Places working in Buffalo https://twitter.com/motherboard/status/1263482186344402945
 Thu May 28 10:13:45 2020

Based on my long bike ride through the city this morning, it appears that Amsterdam is really seizing the moment to catch up on road and sidewalk maintenance
 Tue May 19 11:44:56 2020

It is wonderful that GHG emissions should drop 8% this year with #covid19. But, knowing the deep implications of the changes, it is alarming that emissions need to keep dropping by 8% year over year until 2030 to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/30/climate/global-emissions-decline.html?action=click&module=Top%20Stories&pgtype=Homepage
 Fri May 01 16:17:00 2020

McKinnell, 1969 “This isn’t a building where the pattern is frozen... The process of democratic government is the meaning of City Hall. It should never be finished.” Are the dramatic bays actually ports for expansion into the plaza, the bldg only phase 1 of a dynamic future? RIP https://twitter.com/BostonGlobe/status/1244040623696592898
 Fri May 01 09:51:28 2020

Replying to @metasj

Here is a Google Earth timelapse dating back to 1984, looks like the city was centered on the point and filled in towards the mainland year over year https://earthengine.google.com/timelapse#v=9.61859,-13.63252,10,latLng&t=0.5&ps=50&bt=19840101&et=20181231&startDwell=0&endDwell=0
 Sun Apr 26 06:59:40 2020

Conakry's urban form looks unreal - detail and wide shot from Google Earth (North ↘)

 Thu Apr 23 12:24:39 2020

Replying to @BrentToderian and @Orett_

By coincidence I passed by Lomanstraat in Amsterdam last weekend and had to stop to snap a photo, it is striking! https://www.google.com/maps?q=loc:52.3506917,4.8576361
 Mon Apr 20 17:41:30 2020

Replying to @PavelASamsonov

I took a photo of that street last weekend! The trees are striking
 Mon Apr 20 17:40:15 2020

A couple good podcasts related to #COVID19:
- @sfiscience Transmission series, #complexsystems insights, outbreak modeling https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/rigorous-uncertainty-science-during-covid-19-david/id1482984603?i=1000470701635
- @WorldResources How the US can #BuildBackBetter after Covid-19 https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/how-the-us-can-buildbackbetter-after-covid-19/id1191488406?i=1000471553767
 Thu Apr 16 13:51:34 2020

I'm upset by @medium's paywall for readers (bait and switch!) and regret dismantling my own wordpress, although it was time. I want to move my blog and am considering @pubpub. I have relatively few articles, and I also never want to move again. Thoughts? Recommendations? @metasj
 Tue Apr 14 10:32:11 2020

Density without amenity is crowding. In light of #COVIDー19, we need to consider walkway level of service. Graphic via http://onlinepubs.trb.org/onlinepubs/tcrp/tcrp_webdoc_6-d.pdf page 19
 Fri Apr 10 10:46:56 2020

climate renaissance
 Fri Apr 03 18:50:38 2020

I like this little contemporary courtyard 52.367696, 4.869189 also this city can be obsessed with pitched roofs
 Sun Feb 23 15:24:04 2020

Two sides of the same building, human scale features on the inside and taut facing the highway. The Slotermeer area has quite a few contemporary housing developments worth taking a look at.

 Wed Feb 19 08:58:56 2020

Cities committed to net carbon neutrality by 2050 (or sooner)
Washington DC
+ more, via @ECIU_UK https://eciu.net/netzerotracker
 Wed Feb 12 15:11:08 2020

We're moving to Amsterdam tomorrow, sun setting on our Den Haag chapter!
 Wed Feb 05 18:02:49 2020

Replying to @GerBaron

He shared the high level goals of Amsterdam's digital agenda, for a free, inclusive, and creative smart city. Smart cities are the new normal, impacting building, public space, healthcare, government, and democracy.
 Mon Jan 27 09:29:16 2020

The walkable places market appears to be maturing, i.e. the willingness to pay vs supply is hitting an equilibrium. The issue now is innovating to create more marketable walkable housing to keep up with demand at a reasonable price point...
 Tue Jan 21 12:05:52 2020

too small and numerous to fail
 Mon Jan 13 11:04:09 2020

Space might be cheap somewhere but time is still very expensive, which is why it makes sense to built compactly everywhere even in exurban areas.
 Sat Jan 04 21:24:32 2020

90% of people living in urban areas breath air that doesn't meet the World Health Organization’s air quality guidelines value for particulate matter (2016) #sdg11 https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/sdg11
 Tue Dec 17 12:20:56 2019

Replying to @nelszzp

The cost-benefit analysis includes 13 parameters for both external and internal costs. While external costs are covered in the RT'ed headline, the internal costs (to the traveler per km) are €0.88 driving, €0.15 biking, €0.50 walking. High price of walking = longer travel time
 Mon Dec 16 13:05:04 2019

Replying to @nelszzp

(Translated) Water barriers along the coast are kept to strength according to the principle 'soft where possible, hard where necessary'.
(Image) Double use of space: A parking garage under the boulevard has been realized in the multifunctional flood defense in Katwijk.
 Mon Dec 16 12:29:39 2019

Long-range comprehensive planning is tough. To see a good example, I recommending running the Netherlands' first National Environmental Vision (NOVI) website through Google Translate - https://ontwerpnovi.nl/ https://twitter.com/NOVI_BZK/status/1177169826873249793
 Mon Dec 16 12:28:40 2019

A new colleague forwarded me this paper. The authors take a rigorous look at the costs and benefits of different travel modes. The results aren't necessarily surprising but the data are useful for shaping decisions around future investment. https://twitter.com/CyclingEmbassy/status/1122876376976064513
 Mon Dec 16 10:12:19 2019

Resilience begins with acknowledging risk. That can be hard.
 Tue Dec 10 20:05:02 2019

Walkability and density stats in Toronto scientific paper from 2014: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3891889/
Note that areas can have raw residential density without walkable destinations & vice versa. It's important to balance land uses!

 Thu Dec 05 11:45:52 2019

Troy NY - miles of compact neighborhoods along the Hudson River #4kpsqmi
 Mon Dec 02 13:28:00 2019

Bowling Green OH - looks like the university, downtown, and the regional airport are all theoretically in biking range #4kpsqmi
 Mon Dec 02 13:26:00 2019

New Orleans LA - biking here is fantastic #4kpsqmi
 Mon Dec 02 13:23:00 2019

Eureka CA - Bikeable seaside Californian city #4kpsqmi
 Mon Dec 02 13:21:00 2019

Lewiston - Auburn ME - Legacy industrial space, dense housing, and the Bates College campus outline a bikeshed that encompasses a range of uses #4kpsqmi
 Mon Dec 02 13:13:00 2019

Fargo ND & Moorhead MN - compact neighborhoods surround downtown commercial districts, an opportunity for residential infill #4kpsqmi
 Mon Dec 02 13:08:00 2019

Salinas CA - look at the strong delineation between bikeable density and agriculture, which demonstrates a commitment to limiting urban sprawl #4kpsqmi
 Mon Dec 02 13:06:00 2019

While truly walkable density (64k people per square mile #64kpsqmi) is rare in the US, bikeable density is more common. I'll be sharing census blocks with 4k people per square mile #4kpsqmi where in theory most daily needs could be supported within a 10 minute ride (2 miles).
 Mon Dec 02 13:00:00 2019

Replying to @adamribaudo

Census blocks with more than 64k inhabitants per square mile
 Wed Nov 27 18:04:22 2019

Denny Triangle Seattle - tasty green roofs on contemporary urbanism to round out this list #64kpsqmi
 Wed Nov 27 15:45:00 2019

Capitol Hill Seattle - some very characterful buildings #64kpsqmi
 Wed Nov 27 15:30:00 2019

Southside Berkeley - some nice looking yellow buildings in there #64kpsqmi
 Wed Nov 27 15:00:00 2019

Oak Tree Oakland #64kpsqmi
 Tue Nov 26 20:00:00 2019

Tenderloin SF #64kpsqmi
 Tue Nov 26 19:30:00 2019

Mission District SF - walkability, tetris style #64kpsqmi
 Tue Nov 26 19:10:00 2019

Panorama City LA - I was thinking of not including this because the block is not especially mixed use, but the building type is rather unique #64kpsqmi
 Tue Nov 26 18:15:00 2019

West Wood LA - walkability on the hillside #64kpsqmi
 Tue Nov 26 17:45:00 2019

West Lake LA #64kpsqmi
 Tue Nov 26 17:15:00 2019

Downtown Madison - the country's most walkable isthmus? #64kpsqmi
 Tue Nov 26 16:00:00 2019

Gold Coast Chicago - there are several other example blocks up and down Chicago's lakefront #64kpsqmi
 Tue Nov 26 15:29:00 2019

College Town Ithaca - nice to see them coming in strong with a nice mix of uses #64kpsqmi
 Tue Nov 26 15:00:00 2019

North End Boston - if you look above the pizza shops there is a lot of housing #64kpsqmi
 Mon Nov 25 17:23:00 2019

Williamsburg NYC #64ksqmi
 Mon Nov 25 17:00:01 2019

Upper West Side NYC - this city has the most #64kpsqmi blocks so it was hard to pick an example
 Mon Nov 25 16:21:00 2019

Brickell Miami - pools, high rises, and sea level rise #64kpsqmi
 Mon Nov 25 16:00:00 2019

Center City, Philadelphia - a twofer #64ksqmi
 Mon Nov 25 15:30:00 2019

Columbia Heights DC - nice mix of uses #64kpsqmi
 Mon Nov 25 15:02:00 2019

In search of walkable density, I looked at US Census blocks with more than 64,000 inhabitants per square mile, a rough benchmark for population density that can support most daily needs within a 10 min walk - see some results #64kpsqmi
 Mon Nov 25 15:00:00 2019

Jane Jacobs and the Lane Takers #urbanistbandnames
 Fri Nov 22 11:54:28 2019

Replying to @BrentToderian

Trip Generation
 Mon Nov 18 10:29:36 2019

Our future is climate-powered https://twitter.com/GretaThunberg/status/1194389911639642115
 Wed Nov 13 11:19:10 2019

Replying to @travitron1000 and @BrentToderian

Because American roads are typically less comfortable to ride on for cyclists. Without protected lanes, you're mixed in with cars, and so dressing to go >15 mph is rational.
 Wed Nov 06 08:43:28 2019

The street to my house closes at 11pm. In the off chance I'm driving home after that, I have to park in a dirt lot at the edge of the neighborhood and walk 200 yards/meters. It is annoying, but also very quiet at night.
 Mon Nov 04 10:30:32 2019

Replying to @BrentToderian

Stopping fossil fuel subsidies would be a good start!
 Thu Oct 17 17:29:32 2019

Tech reducing walking, aka monetization of walking:
42% of e-scooter riders report that they would have walked or biked if an e-scooter was not available
15% reduction in walking and biking among @WhimappFI users in Helsinki
 Thu Oct 17 14:10:13 2019

I think the Greenhouse Effect suffers from a naming problem. i.e. Ozone Hole sounds much scarier at face value. If GHG had a more terrifying brand, maybe climate change conversations wouldn't be as easily derailed by discussions about solar irradiance etc.
 Wed Oct 16 18:29:21 2019

AB 68 establishes the right to build three units on any residential lot. Really important and impressive action for California. Hopefully other states follow suit! https://twitter.com/NancySkinnerCA/status/1182050208290504705
 Thu Oct 10 07:11:58 2019

I was surprised by @GerBaron on the WEF Cities of Tomorrow podcast. His hot take: free public Wi-Fi is fundamentally a bad idea bc its an "inside" technology that drains your battery. He advocates free 3G, 4G, 5G as a better solution for public places.
 Thu Oct 03 11:01:17 2019

Thinking about contextually-appropriate approaches to healthy cities in advance of my #walk21 talk next week
Higher income=⬆️non-communicable disease (heart disease, diabetes, cancer)
Lower income=⬆️communicable disease (diarrhea, respiratory infection)
 Wed Oct 02 09:37:28 2019

Land use Electronic music genre
 Tue Oct 01 19:34:37 2019

Oosterwold is fascinating -- like a real world game of Carcassonne. Individual plot owners are required to collaborate on establishing new roads (incl naming!) I also like the user friendly dev handbook. Link in Dutch... https://handboek.maakoosterwold.nl/onderdeel/kavelweg/
 Fri Sep 20 14:16:40 2019

I ran past two pieces of public art in my new neighborhood this morning. James Turrell - Celestial Vault and a big sphere of rubble that looks like an Andrew Goldsworthy piece but need to confirm.

 Thu Sep 19 11:43:49 2019

This is a very interesting application of computer vision. @orbital_insight compared before-and-after satellite images to identify destroyed structures after Hurricane Dorian. https://twitter.com/orbital_insight/status/1174261890459082757
 Thu Sep 19 07:04:00 2019

I'm excited about a couple upcoming events in early October in NL, the SDI Amsterdam Sessions and Walk21 Rotterdam (where I'll be presenting) https://www.sdinederland.nl/amsterdamsessions/ https://www.walk21rotterdam.nl/
 Wed Sep 18 09:14:36 2019

Beautiful and busy night on the #zandmotor
 Tue Sep 17 18:55:21 2019

Replying to @elinebakr and @Stantec

To start with, we're staying in the shadow of the Sand Motor, a very large scale ecological experiment for coastal resilience. https://www.npr.org/sections/parallels/2017/11/25/564098130/protecting-the-netherlands-vulnerable-coasts-with-a-sand-motor?t=1568627027932
 Mon Sep 16 09:58:40 2019

I've relocated to the Netherlands for a while as my SO, the inspirational @elinebakr, took a job in The Hague. Expect to see more tweets about ecological infrastructure and street design details. I'll still be working with @Stantec!
 Mon Sep 16 09:55:17 2019

"Why not get office buildings to install water fountains in facades as a community amenity?" IMO any non-residential would be good. Related, @CityOfBoston has been doing a good job getting private waterfront development to provide public restrooms http://urbanplacesandspaces.blogspot.com/2019/07/why-not-get-office-buildings-to-install.html
 Thu Aug 22 16:20:48 2019

These "super-buildings" in downtown Lewiston, Maine are an interesting urban take on the New England connected farmhouse tradition

 Thu Aug 15 14:31:21 2019

Hey @marty_walsh thank you for the Museum of Science bridge protected bike lane with the resurfacing. We appreciate it! https://twitter.com/nelszzp/status/1060954650646663168
 Tue Aug 06 17:38:21 2019

I've got some ideas about healthy cities in this article alongside @HarvardChanSPH's @p_macnaughton https://twitter.com/Stantec/status/1154860204133167104
 Mon Jul 29 13:44:59 2019

Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdam. Great example of pushing cafe seating all the way to the curb.
 Thu Jun 13 05:57:11 2019

I've got some notes in here about air quality, urban design, and healthy cities https://twitter.com/Stantec/status/1136433792661512192
 Thu Jun 06 14:35:44 2019

I'm presenting about the future of urban design for healthy cities at @BARIboston. I'll share work we've been doing at @Stantec's Urban Places including @WaterStTampa and @OneCharlestown, co-author is @BlakeJackson81. Come check it out! https://twitter.com/BARIboston/status/1105513962030989312
 Wed Apr 24 20:25:36 2019

OK so this isn't news but I'm blown away that in Japan zoning is national and there are only 12 land use types and each one has a cute drawing http://www.mlit.go.jp/common/001050453.pdf

 Tue Apr 23 16:12:47 2019

What if land ownership was treated like a domain name, where it goes back to public if not renewed?
 Mon Mar 18 18:48:44 2019

If you want to take a bus to the top of #SomervilleMA, go to Broadway @ Bartlett St
 Wed Feb 27 19:01:59 2019

Replying to @jessethornsen, @cmoney_htx, @JeffSpeckAICP, @RJDeNisco, @ryan_martinson, @DavidDixonUrban, @christofspieler and @MetroTransitMN

I found some examples from the UK, too
 Tue Feb 05 14:09:39 2019

Replying to @nelszzp

It seems physically more comfortable having the glass block road noise, but psychologically less comfortable not being able to see the bus coming. What do you think? @JeffSpeckAICP @RJDeNisco @ryan_martinson @DavidDixonUrban
 Mon Feb 04 16:55:08 2019

Working on design guidelines for BRT stations, I noticed that most Japanese stations are "opposite" from USA. The station is right at the curb, and the benches face towards the sidewalk instead of the street.

 Mon Feb 04 16:49:11 2019

Developers exploiting zoning's "mechanical void loophole" is rather shocking
 Fri Feb 01 01:14:06 2019

Check out the Circularity Gap report by @circleeconomy. It is interesting how material footprint is categorized by societal needs rather than industry. We have to use fewer things more efficiently for a longer time and then ♻ - https://www.circularity-gap.world/
 Tue Jan 22 21:13:53 2019

RCP 2.6 or bust
 Mon Jan 21 20:05:07 2019

Replying to @KPShare and @comunilifeinc

FastCo picked up this trend, too. A transition to shared risk contracts between insurers & care providers could lead to a lot more of this type of community buildings--basically moving the industry towards a culture of health rather than service provision https://www.fastcompany.com/90291860/this-healthcare-giant-invests-millions-in-affordable-housing-to-keep-people-healthy
 Fri Jan 18 15:44:39 2019

Replying to @KPShare and @comunilifeinc

Another example, using Medicaid to create housing supply and save money in the process http://www.getahome.org/housing-is-healthcare
 Thu Jan 17 20:26:17 2019

Now @KPShare has a $100M fund #housingforhealth. @comunilifeinc funds 1,896 units with Medicaid in NY. If healthcare $ spent on affordable housing has 300% ROI, imagine what other upstream community health infrastructure projects are possible... https://www.healthcarefinancenews.com/news/what-montefiores-300-roi-social-determinants-investments-means-future-other-hospitals
 Thu Jan 17 18:02:52 2019

Replying to @city_health

I'm excited to see interest in investing in healthier environments to address the upstream causes of health outcomes!
 Thu Jan 17 17:21:44 2019

Replying to @choucair and @KPCommHealth

I'm an urban planner thinking about how we might deliver healthier places, and am intrigued by how health care spending can reach out into the community to create better health outcomes.
 Thu Jan 17 16:54:10 2019

Replying to @goinvo

Lovely graphic, great research. One critique - I think that "physical environment" only accounting for 7% underestimates the importance of place. For example, physical activity and distance to healthcare resources are influenced by location.
 Wed Jan 16 15:01:05 2019

The science is in: participants at local planning and zoning meetings are more likely to be older, male, homeowners, and in opposition to new housing construction than the general public (by @BUonCities)
 Mon Jan 07 16:57:55 2019

I spent some time in Phnom Penh over the holidays. The "shophouses" are a neat way of mixing uses--and the gov't is building new ones based on the historic type. The stores have very narrow frontages and the dwellings above are accessed by shared stairwells.

 Sun Jan 06 22:07:21 2019

Replying to @RogueRoyalle and @wrathofgnon

Just think of it like skiing or some other winter sport, its not a big deal. Plus, cities are getting better about plowing bike lanes
 Sat Nov 24 21:25:49 2018

Replying to @wrathofgnon

 Thu Nov 22 14:27:33 2018

 Tue Nov 13 19:10:59 2018

I sometimes get asked where my name came from. In honor of #VeteransDay, here is my grandfather, Nels Nelson, a Navy Seabee working on Kodiak Island, Alaska in 1947.

 Mon Nov 12 14:14:48 2018

In 2015 I tweeted @marty_walsh that the Museum of Science bridge "bike lane" is dangerous for people bicycling. Today, a man died there. Waiting until a fatality is not an acceptable policy for building infrastructure (see Sullivan Sq, Mass Ave, Porter Sq, Inman Sq) - CC @CambMA https://twitter.com/nelszzp/status/590953267149938688
 Fri Nov 09 17:57:54 2018

I've got a #smartmobility segment in this article. I touch upon the important decisions cities have to make in order to create the best future for communities. https://twitter.com/UNDP/status/1057664768507559941
 Wed Oct 31 16:38:38 2018

“We either invest now, or else we pay a much bigger price later. And we’ll pay that price in more than dollars. We’ll pay it in jobs lost, small businesses that never recover, homes destroyed, and families displaced.” Well said @marty_walsh
 Wed Oct 24 13:46:05 2018

Coastal erosion control in Matunuck, RI 📍
 Mon Oct 22 03:21:49 2018

Replying to @berkie1, @fenwaypark, @StrongTowns, @gabe_klein, @JeffSpeckAICP, @BrentToderian, @bytimlogan, @jfh and @NewUrbanism

Those aren't 🅿️ spaces, just placeholders for future high density neighborhoods
 Sun Oct 21 22:53:54 2018

Replying to @JeffSpeckAICP

Walking: the ultimate luxury good
 Sun Oct 14 15:33:21 2018

Phoenix AZ got a Platinum rating in @usgbc's new #LEEDCities rating system!?
It is literally one of the worst cities in the world for per person energy consumption and one of the deadliest cities in the US for pedestrians.
 Thu Oct 11 14:01:01 2018

Alphabet and now Amazon are taking steps to address affordability in cities by bringing down construction costs. #yimby https://twitter.com/plantprefab/status/1044579048255418369
 Fri Oct 05 13:17:07 2018

I just took my first escooter ride in Denver. It was convenient and exhilarating. I also felt like a menace to personal and public safety.
 Thu Oct 04 17:49:19 2018

📷 @ChelseaGov_MA this morning #ChelseaMA
 Fri Sep 28 02:32:30 2018

After reading this I want to replace every mention of 'parking' with 'vehicle storage' and reclaim the work parking to mean adding trees and open space. https://twitter.com/LisaBJaco/status/1034889311915786240
 Thu Sep 06 11:38:01 2018

RT @Stantec: Our @nelszzp examines how the WELL Community Standard helps designers plan healthier neighborhoods and communities. @WELLCerti…
 Mon Aug 13 20:07:22 2018

Now that's a diagram
(national spatial structure map of the Netherlands)
 Thu Aug 02 16:21:23 2018

Wow, even with shared ride services, TNCs (uber, lyft) drive 2.6 miles per 1 mile of avoided personal driving, or a 160% increase in overall driving! http://www.schallerconsult.com/rideservices/automobility.htm
 Thu Jul 26 17:46:08 2018

The trend towards urban design for health continues https://twitter.com/citiesforpeople/status/1015898719810711552
 Thu Jul 19 17:20:25 2018

Replying to @adamribaudo and @Rewire_News

Cool! On the topic of new news I also like http://news.trust.org/ for their coverage choices.
 Mon Jul 02 15:45:25 2018

Strategies for Responding to Gentrification via @Harvard_JCHS
📍local preference for new inclusionary unit tenants
🏘️acquire & preserve existing affordable housing
🔑promote ownership in gentrifying neighborhoods
🏪fight to keep local businesses open
 Thu Jun 07 14:44:51 2018

The impact of China's new policy is that recycling collection has gone from $0 to more than $60 and could get to $200. With prices like that, I imagine there is a business opportunity to start processing locally. #Sustainability http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2018/06/04/new-china-policies-spark-disarray-region-recycling-industry/d9QH2JUtnVqRKaAL8kMkiL/story.html
 Tue Jun 05 12:47:07 2018

Transportation is #1 energy user in U.S. https://flowcharts.llnl.gov/home
 Mon Jun 04 13:29:00 2018

Outstanding primer on incremental housing, formerly known as "site and service development" #SDG11 #NewUrbanAgenda
 Mon May 28 15:23:29 2018

Another "self build" project in NL on the heels of @DeCeuvel, @CHV_Rotterdam, @NDSM_werf, Scheepstimmermanstraat, Homeruskwartier, &c. Great precedent for medium-term placeholders or long-term infill. I can think of a few spots in Greater Boston that could use something similar! https://twitter.com/hofvancartesius/status/983756736233340928
 Thu May 24 14:38:51 2018

Replying to @StreetsPAC, @NYCCouncil and @NYCProgressives

What's up with the middle age man in lycra on a road bike illustration on the poster? We want inclusive bike infrastructure. I'd much rather see someone who is new to cycling without the fancy gear.
 Wed May 16 12:17:40 2018

While urban health has been raised within the public health community, further urban interventions to control infectious diseases could still be integrated into existing resilience programs, starting with the identification of cost-effective evidence-based solutions and measures. https://twitter.com/BUSPH/status/996103444414042112
 Mon May 14 19:41:55 2018

Check your facts, @BBC @emmanueligunza. The incinerator will not generate electricity as expected. It is not decreasing emissions. It will create an unacceptable health risk for the neighborhood it was built within.
 Mon May 14 13:35:40 2018

Replying to @wef

(continued) issues:
- An outside review of the power production concluded that the claimed power generation is inconsistent with the makeup of the waste input
- The supplier's baseline report (2013) did not include an assessment of future health concerns in the neighborhood
 Mon May 14 13:13:38 2018

Replying to @wef

There are several problems with this project.
- It is not operational, so the claims about energy and materials recovery are speculative
- It is in the center of the city surrounded by neighborhoods, which is not a responsible place for an incinerator
 Mon May 14 13:09:06 2018

What I learned from @AxiomZenTeam last night at MIT
- Blockchain products can't be altered after release, giving users security to invest
- Like the 90's internet, today's DLT is too slow to support everyone's wild dreams
- CryptoMMO is the next step in gaming once DLT catches up
 Tue May 08 20:43:47 2018

Tour of a 430+ unit mixed-use project under construction

 Wed May 02 19:33:35 2018

I got a few notes penciled in on the great #DavisSquare intersection redesign at last night's #Somervillebydesign open house:
-Bulbout on the corner of Highland and College
-Keep/expand crosswalk across from the T on College
-Bike boxes at arriving lanes
-More street trees
 Tue May 01 15:52:56 2018

Gordon Gill, wow. He opens with "I want this to be a discussion" and then leaves the audience speechless #urbandesign #sustainability #sdg11 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVljbJdYGIc
 Mon Apr 30 17:32:07 2018

United Nations (1969) - Growth of the World's Urban and Rural Population, 1920-2000
 Thu Apr 26 22:23:42 2018

Here are the publications I follow for original urban news in no particular order, what's missing?
@FastCoDesign (Cities)
 Sat Apr 07 19:13:14 2018

Just came across the Luanda master plan. It is a beautifully produced document 🗺️ belated congrats to the project team @isabelaangola #PDGML http://www.planoluanda.com/
 Thu Mar 22 19:33:21 2018

An interesting take on the implications of sea level rise from the persepctive of actuaries @CASact https://ar.casact.org/the-slr-factor-as-sea-levels-rise-the-flood-risk-equation-changes/
 Wed Mar 21 23:09:05 2018

http://www.resilientma.org/ is now live for the public! Kudos to @massgov @MassEEA for providing science-based decision-support tools for climate change adaptation. Check out the interactive map 👇 #resilience
 Mon Mar 19 20:10:53 2018

*internet map
 Mon Mar 19 18:51:12 2018

📖 #GlobalHappinessPolicyReport2018
Sweden uses 15 indicators in their "New measures of wellbeing", incl GDP per capita, but also air quality, interpersonal trust, and life satisfaction.
🔗 http://www.government.se/articles/2017/08/new-measures-of-wellbeing/
 Sun Mar 04 19:42:42 2018

Finally got my @NickHardeman framed. Great looking pen plot!
 Sun Mar 04 16:42:28 2018

The @bsaaia asked designers to reimagine a dry dock in Boston.
I suggest permanently mooring decommissioned & renovated cruise ships, like the @ssrotterdam, to quickly add a few hundred mixed-income units and contribute to @marty_walsh's housing goals

 Sat Mar 03 19:04:14 2018

The good and the bad: two articles this week paint a single picture of rideshare simultaneously reducing parking demand while also congesting streets.
(1) http://fortune.com/2018/02/24/yes-uber-really-is-killing-the-parking-business/
(2) https://apnews.com/e47ebfaa1b184130984e2f3501bd125d/Studies-are-increasingly-clear:-Uber,-Lyft-congest-cities
 Tue Feb 27 21:46:44 2018

Somethings happening in Reno. Tesla, Google, and now Blockchain LLC buying/building in an industrial park
 Mon Feb 26 18:52:28 2018

This interactive piece for public spaces by @Moment_Factory is cool. It uses a LIDAR sensor to track players, which is typically for tracking moving objects on self-driving cars.
 Wed Feb 21 13:42:03 2018

Replying to @nelszzp

From the associated report "Poorly planned cities, urban sprawl and associated infrastructure that create social, environmental and health challenges"
 Sun Jan 28 21:41:05 2018

World Economic Forum maps "failure of urban planning" as a global threat alongside "terrorist attacks" and "natural disasters" - now there is a call to action
 Sun Jan 28 21:34:58 2018

Replying to @jmchivall, @photoconceptart and @humantransit

I’d like to redraw with the necessary parking and lanes. Would really drive the point home.
 Sat Jan 27 16:30:31 2018

We @stantecurban are looking for an Urban Planning Intern for this summer. Application deadline is March 16. https://stantec.jobs/boston-ma/urban-planning-intern/806F083F49EB4BA6807489F2207A20F2/job/
 Fri Jan 19 16:48:52 2018

The future road is flat and therefore flexible for different uses at different times https://twitter.com/citiesforpeople/status/951894263633272833
 Fri Jan 12 21:46:04 2018

Great summary of the civic tech hackathon I co-organized in SF last year, thanks @WorldLearning
 Thu Jan 11 17:11:40 2018

Replying to @alexschief and @JeffSpeckAICP

Somerville MA is doing a Good Job
 Mon Jan 08 22:50:18 2018

city constellation
 Thu Jan 04 03:30:32 2018

Replying to @sandypsj

Same sunrise from somerville
 Wed Dec 20 13:42:34 2017

New England freshwater wetland typical cross section sketch
 Wed Dec 20 01:20:30 2017

The folks at @AL_Research released some open-access research papers recently, this one caught my eye. https://twitter.com/AL_Research/status/942818494634188800
 Tue Dec 19 04:14:20 2017

Can the Internet effectively create climate-powered metabolic exchanges before driving the world to self-immolation? #NetNeutrality
 Sat Dec 16 20:55:16 2017

@SomervilleYIMBY who is on the YIMBY slate?
 Sat Dec 02 15:53:31 2017

Whatever formula made this work, copy paste it to Boston
 Sat Dec 02 04:38:06 2017

Big smart city project south of Boston @UnionPointMA
Not very smart, however, to build up to 43,900 new parking spaces

 Thu Nov 30 21:06:12 2017

Replying to @zagush, @UniWestminster and @humantransit

Interesting looking diagrams -- how to interpret?
 Wed Nov 29 01:39:30 2017

"What is today most legal and most explicitly protected by the formal apparatus of law is what may be the most dangerous." @bratton

"Fossil fuel subsidies are large, amounting to 6.5% of global GDP in 2015." @IMFNews http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0305750X16304867
 Sun Nov 12 23:25:27 2017

The tendency to relate new things to past experience by creating hybrid concepts like horseless carriage, mobile phone, and smart city, rather than thinking about these things on their own terms.
 Sun Nov 12 19:09:13 2017

Replying to @bicycleurbanist, @bostonbikeunion, @beeekaw and @PeterFurth

#abx @bostonbikeunion takeover
 Thu Nov 09 13:08:27 2017

Nice paint job @ideo #CambMA ✨
 Tue Nov 07 16:19:03 2017

Experience modes by @gensler_design
 Sun Nov 05 21:04:21 2017

Has any city calculated Lifetime Value (LTV) of a customer/ user/ resident? I imagine it could support more aggressive acquisition expenses.
 Sun Oct 29 17:39:43 2017

Do you want to know how to do what I do I? I'm presenting at @HCD2017 at the @RCPLondon about what urban design can do for health
 Mon Oct 16 16:01:01 2017

Demographics are destiny—implications of change:
⬇dwelling size
⬆$12 trillion urban reinvestment thru 2030 to meet demand
@StantecUrban https://twitter.com/overflow_data/status/917906993020657665
 Mon Oct 16 10:42:56 2017

I like my coffee like I like my health care, Third Wave
#healthycitydesign wellness via place-based & proactive care
 Mon Oct 16 10:10:28 2017

#healthycitydesign Thoughtful keynote by @pencheon1 about how health care as community anchor institution need to move beyond health repair
 Mon Oct 16 10:02:12 2017

Neal's Yard is very photogenic. Tiny pocket park, perfectly surrounded with active uses.
 Sun Oct 15 13:40:24 2017

#CamdenIs is a great prompt for engagement. I'm totally stealing this for my next public-facing project.
 Sun Oct 15 13:00:19 2017

Funny non-existent curb street, Percy St London
 Sun Oct 15 12:58:47 2017

Replying to @us2unionsquare

I'm all for hammocks in the D1.2 parcel park
 Fri Oct 13 21:42:51 2017

RT @JeffSpeckAICP: Team selfie:
Heading home from a great week designing a new River District in #Elkhart, #Indiana
Me and @StantecUrban ht…
 Fri Oct 13 18:51:36 2017

Optimistic right-of-way mode share updates in coming decades with #AutonomousVehicles, diagram by @RegionalPlan http://library.rpa.org/pdf/RPA-New-Mobility-Autonomous-Vehicles-and-the-Region.pdf
 Fri Oct 13 15:19:47 2017

early morning flight off to design this river district for the next 4 days ☕️
 Tue Oct 10 09:56:41 2017

We watched Terra (2015). Beautifully shot enviro flick that covers familiar ground. Norilsk RU scene stood out to me 👇
 Mon Oct 09 17:11:50 2017

Municipalities that figure out what my generation wants in a community will be more competitive in attracting newly forming households.
 Sun Oct 08 18:36:58 2017

RT @exchangealumni: Shoutout to 4 amazing #ExchangeAlumni who hosted "Citizenar: Augmented Reality for Livable Cities” this past weekend in…
 Wed Oct 04 20:42:07 2017

Replying to @janjongert

Reminds me of Kauffman's evolution network model
"Solid" is too ordered, "gaseous" is chaotic. "Liquid" phase is best w/ idea capture + ∆
 Mon Oct 02 13:51:59 2017

The ideation is strong @ar_citizen hackathon! #tech_tenderloin #civicinnovation #exchangealumni #alumnities #krocsf @WorldLearning
 Sat Sep 30 18:47:13 2017

Happy to be on the @ar_citizen panel discussing augmented reality, public engagement, and urban sustainability
 Sat Sep 30 16:40:01 2017

The San Francisco City Performance Scorecards are incredible, and should be an inspirations for other municipalities http://sfgov.org/scorecards/
 Fri Sep 29 20:29:00 2017

Things are pretty abstract down at @NSF_OPP's McMurdo Station
 Fri Sep 29 15:11:00 2017

Pretty cool to see
(1) Google engaged with @sfgov
(2) Google eats its own dog food, publishing with @googledocs https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b6OT8u01smq0ZV_mtvF1juj9RZT-36rYKtglLcwl3jU/edit?pref=2&pli=1
 Thu Sep 28 20:35:00 2017

Not a city — the city
 Wed Sep 27 14:32:24 2017

No matter how many times icebergs are in the news, I have a hard time understanding the scale. Maybe a good candidate for a vr experience. https://twitter.com/imagine_2020/status/913035749053927424
 Wed Sep 27 13:43:11 2017

Dominica the morning after Maria https://www.facebook.com/SupportRooseveltSkerrit/photos/a.1000988646709656.1073741863.301127620029099/1000989840042870/?type=3&theater
 Sat Sep 23 01:48:58 2017

I dig the lane capacity as bar chart graphic approach @lyft http://money.cnn.com/2017/09/18/technology/future/lyft-streets-autonomous-vehicles/index.html
 Thu Sep 21 13:55:49 2017

"Do everything by hand, even when using the computer." - Hayao Miyazaki
 Sat Sep 16 03:38:52 2017

Thunderstorm passing over Boston as seen from Prospect Hill, Somerville ⛅️
 Thu Sep 14 22:42:18 2017

"Human scale means human love" How to Look at a City (1964) with Professor Eugene Raskin https://archive.org/details/howtolookatacity
 Thu Sep 14 19:56:08 2017

Doing their thing - @BjarkeIngels @BIGstertweets for @ResilientBay http://www.resilientbayarea.org/big-one-sherwood
 Mon Sep 11 21:26:10 2017

A glimpse into the future of Florida's new normal with sea level rise https://twitter.com/mikeseidel/status/906992960713232396
 Mon Sep 11 00:08:09 2017

St Martin: 74,852 pop * 95% uninhabitable / 3 people per household = 23,703 units needed #Irma #IrmaHurricane #resilience
 Fri Sep 08 02:39:46 2017

The @Stantec team working on rapid deployment of protected bike lanes in Calgary is doing incredible design and quantifying change
 Thu Sep 07 19:42:13 2017

We're in the business of deploying shared autonomous vehicles for communities
Hit us up @StantecUrban
 Thu Aug 31 00:28:15 2017

Big turnout for a weekend community resilience workshop in Chalker Beach, CT with GZA GeoEnvironmental & @StantecUrban
 Sat Aug 19 18:00:13 2017

New today, parking-separated bike lane on Washington St, Somerville. A nice surprise to come home to on a Friday! 🚲
 Fri Aug 18 21:02:10 2017

Movement 👈
 Thu Aug 17 16:43:43 2017

Paris, where performance requirements exist harmoniously with the pleasure of habitation
 Tue Aug 15 00:57:38 2017

Cities used to be fortified against external threats. Cities now need to be contained so as to not be a threat to the countryside.
 Tue Aug 15 00:47:04 2017

The James Turrell installation at MassMoCA is good. I especially liked Hind Sight (Dark Space), 1984. The very edge of perception!
 Mon Aug 14 17:29:52 2017

Ambient emergency
 Thu Aug 10 17:22:00 2017

Seattle's newest public space at the Amazon bubbles
 Wed Aug 09 00:56:35 2017

If Greater Boston had no building density restrictions, the cost of housing would eventually be...
 Sun Jul 30 00:01:59 2017

new person: what do u do?

me: i'm an urban designer

np: what does that mean?

me: [explains]

np: so you play simcity all day

me: yeah
 Thu Jul 27 17:00:58 2017

Tasty isochrone maps from @Mapbox @chieflybrit
👇60-min drive from Union Square, Somerville cc @us2unionsquare
 Wed Jul 26 13:21:44 2017

Brilliant takedown of @lyft shuttle "If no one owns cars, but everyone rides around in cars, the outcome is the same" https://twitter.com/ofsevit/status/888120571556356100
 Sat Jul 22 02:27:36 2017

I wrote an article about placemaking and mobility http://www.stantec.com/blog/2017/boston-placemaking-mobility-streets.html#.WXKpe6cpCEf
 Sat Jul 22 01:25:58 2017

Pedestrian sky bridges over AV-only expressways? No
Broadway as a pedestrian park? OK maybe https://twitter.com/designboom/status/887026623018663936
 Mon Jul 17 20:36:25 2017

"The project of expanding democracy... as the project of expanding capital ownership." excellent piece by @sbenthall https://digifesto.com/2017/07/06/capital-democracy-and-oligarchy/
 Sun Jul 16 14:15:26 2017

The @thecreativeindp is spot on, they keep introducing me to new great artists.
 Sun Jul 16 13:55:15 2017

This ML paper: IMO it verifies that areas receiving reinvestment are improved, but doesn't predict future investment
 Fri Jul 14 15:20:58 2017

Everyone in my office gets spammy robocalls to cell # from local area codes. I was 😱 when traveling & robocalls origins changed, too...
 Fri Jul 07 17:43:21 2017

I enjoyed spending 3 days in KCMO, a beautiful industrious city. Shout outs @QuayCoffee @BreweryEmperial @theshipkc
 Fri Jun 30 00:15:42 2017

Replying to @nelszzp

"Let water in" & "live with water" narrative doesn't tell whole story & confuses the truth that most NL is armored. Needed for life at -5m!
 Wed Jun 28 14:12:06 2017

For cities applying NL model: 1st need to built strong sea defenses, & only then selectively "let the water in" https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/06/15/world/europe/climate-change-rotterdam.html?_r=0
 Wed Jun 28 14:10:37 2017

Tech & city experience (1 million users): 2008 📱iPhone/maps. 2011 🏚 AirBnB. 2012 🚕 Uber, 🚶‍♀️ Fitbit. What else counts? AmazonFresh? Tinder?
 Tue Jun 27 10:28:07 2017

State of the Nation's Housing @Harvard_JCHS
📈income inequality
📈economic segregation
📈cost burden
 Fri Jun 23 16:07:07 2017

Healthy city metrics from @APA_Planning include
🏃active transportation
🌱 food
🏠 housing
⚖️ equity
 Thu Jun 22 14:42:27 2017

Row of very cool "self build" houses in North Amsterdam, like a new Sporenburg. I hope to learn more about the project's inception.
 Tue Jun 20 00:44:04 2017

At the Mondrian retrospective in the @gemeentemuseum and getting inspired to draw! His studies of chrysanthemums are incredible
 Thu Jun 15 15:55:24 2017

☀️🌳🍻🗯 a rather ideal habitat for humans in Maastricht
 Wed Jun 14 16:44:41 2017

Except for arterials, Amsterdam is pretty much curbless, and it is really nice
 Mon Jun 12 08:40:44 2017

Now is an exciting time for cities, with mayors taking a stand for climate and immigration #ParisAgreement #SanctuaryCities
 Wed Jun 07 01:27:25 2017

#TauntonTomorrow residents collaboratively mapping ideas at the Community Vsioning Forum for the citywide master plan
 Tue Jun 06 11:53:21 2017

Replying to @scttdvd

It's great to see a discussion of zoning and segregation
 Wed May 31 20:02:17 2017

Accidental Richard Serra in Northpoint, Cambridge
 Tue May 30 22:14:44 2017

My brother is good at frisbee 💫 https://twitter.com/madisonradicals/status/868663516105986049
 Sun May 28 13:24:57 2017

Finally visiting the eco-machine in Sharon, VT! Thank you John Todd
 Fri May 26 20:03:50 2017

Continuing to set the standard. @nacto @GlobalStreets https://globaldesigningcities.org/publication/global-street-design-guide/
 Tue May 23 17:36:24 2017

When dealing with Uber, get community benefits in writing! https://nyti.ms/2qIYlnA
 Mon May 22 11:53:01 2017

“In order to really complete our mission to make cities more livable, we’ve really got to go international.” -@remix http://www.govtech.com/Remix-Raises-10M-Sequoia-Leads-Series-A-Round.html?flipboard=yes
 Fri May 19 15:56:00 2017

Playful urban maps of 16th-century Persia http://publicdomainreview.org/collections/the-maps-of-matrakci-nasuh-16th-century-polymath/
 Fri May 19 12:52:01 2017

Dorm lifestyle without the school https://theringer.com/communal-living-tech-nook-welive-common-7175783ac5c4
 Fri May 19 00:17:37 2017

The @knightfdn + @PokemonGoApp (@NianticLabs) team up to use AR for the future of cities! #urbanAR #citizenAR https://www.fastcodesign.com/90124013/pokemon-gos-next-big-move
 Tue May 16 16:03:12 2017

Replying to @rightlegpegged

School buses are a form of public transit and should be integrated with the rest of society. I.e. run routes during the day.
 Mon May 15 11:54:36 2017

Anyone know whats happening along this river? Seen out the window on a flight between Indy and Detroit.
 Mon May 15 00:58:52 2017

😯 @TheAirDnA insight into extent of @Airbnb's footprint, & an interesting article on the gig economy http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/05/15/is-the-gig-economy-working
 Sun May 14 16:21:46 2017

#BOS 🛫 #Indy
Looking forward to
🎸 @VirginiaAveFolk
🌀 @MadisonRadicals vs @IndyAlleyCats
🎒 @PUP_indy
🌻 @IndyUrbanAcres
 Thu May 11 19:38:06 2017

🌎 I got LEED AP ND and ENV SP accredited this month 🌍 Sustainable cities, go! 🌍 @USGBC @ISIenvision
 Tue May 09 00:02:55 2017

Great show! ✨ @daeva101 🔥 in @thetranspecos
 Sun May 07 19:59:54 2017

 Mon May 01 00:47:00 2017

Replying to @nelszzp

More alley cafe seating in SF
 Fri Apr 28 23:40:04 2017

Deliveries by night, cafe seating by day. Very efficient use of alley space in San Francisco's downtown #urbandesign
 Fri Apr 28 20:56:03 2017

I'm staying in a townhouse on top of a parking garage in the Embarcadero, a funky and unusual development typology!
 Fri Apr 28 18:50:42 2017

📱 democracy:
Data-driven decisions
Open govt data
Responsible data use
Citizen engagement
http://www.nature.com/news/five-hacks-for-digital-democracy-1.21849 by @bethnoveck
 Fri Apr 28 15:35:22 2017

To urbanists supporting more downtown curbside parking:
Oslo is eliminating ALL on-street parking for 🚲+🚶‍♀️ space
 Fri Apr 21 21:58:58 2017

Useful resource for planning
@AuntBertha maps access to social services, incl emergency pantries, temporary shelters, skills & training https://twitter.com/AuntBertha/status/846379375486472192
 Fri Apr 21 03:28:28 2017

Compelling drone footage and interview from forced evictions in Shanghai https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXDqk-3eAlM&sns=tw via @youtube
 Sun Apr 16 15:01:48 2017

Designing cities from the perspectives of user experience ➡️ #UrbanUX #UrbanExperience
 Thu Apr 13 00:38:46 2017

I learned the difference between procedure and planning from this article about creating a video game's opponent AI http://alumni.media.mit.edu/~jorkin/gdc2006_orkin_jeff_fear.pdf
 Wed Apr 12 02:08:25 2017

Low wages are a problem, so are high construction costs and impediments to meeting market demand for residential development #YIMBY https://twitter.com/sensanders/status/851568223992414208
 Tue Apr 11 22:36:39 2017

Replying to @eringh

What if rent is 40% higher in walkable neighborhoods?
 Mon Apr 10 16:45:04 2017

Anthropic Rock https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NIs_mcSTJ2U
 Sat Apr 08 18:29:45 2017

Replying to @JeffSpeckAICP

I can't tell if @newsuburbanism is a parody account trolling urbanists...
 Fri Apr 07 18:01:06 2017

Policy ➡️ Planning ➡️ Design ➡️ Engineering ➡️ Two guys with a tape measure & spraypaint ➡️ New bulbout / curb extension 🚸
 Thu Apr 06 14:42:12 2017

An ottoman / bike lane protection for Cambridge Street #urbanAR #AugmentedReality @IKEAUSA
 Wed Apr 05 22:15:26 2017

Wow @rarohla did his homework - presidential election maps by voting precinct https://decisiondeskhq.com/data-dives/creating-a-national-precinct-map/
 Mon Apr 03 14:01:34 2017

Every #wetland in Massachusetts
Data: @MassGIS
 Thu Mar 30 17:46:40 2017

Pedestrian-only bar at @WalkBoston tonight. Thanks for hosting!
 Thu Mar 30 01:05:53 2017

The #AugmentedReality crowd. Updates coming soon on my new project citizenAR!
 Fri Mar 24 01:26:36 2017

Where will #AutonomousVehicles create change along the transect?
Cores & new centers densify while suburbia balloons outwards
 Wed Mar 22 13:20:01 2017

razing malls + raising cities https://twitter.com/bruce_katz/status/844162246561488896
 Tue Mar 21 12:40:01 2017

Standing room only at the @SomervilleCity zoning amendment meeting for Union Square @us2unionsquare
 Tue Mar 07 23:54:29 2017

Two of my favorite things, cities and games, and now a conference in Rotterdam! https://twitter.com/gamesforcities/status/824232861326864386
 Tue Mar 07 02:19:03 2017

Replying to @ofsevit, @metasj and @MBTA_CR

Ari, did you factor in average vehicle occupancy with MassDOT's traffic volumes? That could tip the scales a bit
 Mon Mar 06 14:11:09 2017

All in all, notable for rail
Map % commutes on commuter rail vs highways during morning peak by @ofsevit cc @MBTA_CR http://amateurplanner.blogspot.com/2017/03/how-many-people-use-commuter-rail-more.html
 Sat Mar 04 04:09:58 2017

Fascinating map: the most popular language being learned in @duolingo per country
 Thu Mar 02 01:10:34 2017

Running is an underappreciated form of transportation for short commutes
At 7 mph, it approaches average speed of some urban bus routes
 Tue Feb 28 18:57:01 2017

Modeling on pooled+shared autonomous vehicles: Rare to have >2 passengers so purpose-built 2-person AVs would increase economic efficiency.
 Mon Feb 27 23:23:47 2017

Nothing wrong w faltering downtowns that a hundred more housing units wouldn't solve esp w demand from boomerang gen & downsizing seniors
 Tue Feb 21 21:52:32 2017

Replying to @rightlegpegged and @nytimes

0.1 parking ratio and debundled cost, not bad
 Tue Feb 21 19:22:08 2017

post-human capacity for work? More like post-work capacity for humans, amiright? https://twitter.com/erikbryn/status/832679101542588416
 Mon Feb 20 21:09:03 2017

Replying to @nelszzp

Reminds me of how transportation is also failure bc things should just be where you want them to be
 Thu Feb 16 02:10:35 2017

"GDP is artificial and values failure ( = more work)" https://twitter.com/ron_rovers/status/831998418033704960
 Thu Feb 16 00:40:27 2017

Replying to @jwaaaap

I also want turnbased strategy games that have simultaneous resolution, like Diplomacy or rock-paper-scissors. Guessing is fun
 Sun Feb 12 23:52:38 2017

The @NACTO Global Street Design Guide looks really useful https://www.amazon.com/dp/1610917014/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_x_Es9Nyb795D1CN
 Sun Feb 12 03:22:25 2017

Replying to @JeffSpeckAICP

is it Omsk?
 Tue Feb 07 16:07:54 2017

Planning a #TOD? Only build an average of 35% of what the @ITEhq guidelines recommend #urbanplanning #transportation https://smartgrowthamerica.org/resources/empty-spaces-real-parking-needs-five-tods/
 Tue Feb 07 14:27:24 2017

Housing is where jobs go to sleep at night
 Mon Feb 06 13:42:00 2017

#paintschainer + 3D model 😲
North Cambridge model by @CambMA

 Fri Feb 03 19:08:25 2017

✏️ Practicing #urbandesign with a @BatesCollege job shadow at @StantecUrban @Stantec
 Thu Feb 02 20:15:52 2017

Replying to @SprawlRepairMnl and @Kaid_in_DC

beautiful drawing! I'd love to see a similar series of satellite photos of successful phased development.
 Wed Feb 01 12:56:13 2017

I just bought the http://nels.city domain 🤣
 Mon Jan 30 01:27:52 2017

A robot making pancakes at the media center tonight
 Sat Jan 28 03:52:57 2017

This is why flexposts aren't the best solution, especially with snow plows in the mix. Demand permanently protected bike lanes! https://twitter.com/RachelSlade1/status/819930628560916481
 Fri Jan 13 15:49:23 2017

#VisionZero design principles in 8min by @BicycleDutch & @bostonbikeunion's @PeterFurth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aNtsWvNYKE
 Tue Jan 10 00:08:07 2017

We're looking for an urban designer, msg me if you are interested or know someone 🌇 @StantecUrban @Stantec https://jobs-stantec.icims.com/jobs/26689/job?mobile=false&width=688&height=500&bga=true&needsRedirect=false&jan1offset=-300&jun1offset=-240
 Wed Jan 04 20:00:45 2017

Machine learning and the city, maybe...
Auto land use determination from satellite pics
Sentiment & cultural analysis
Predictive real estate
 Wed Jan 04 19:20:52 2017

RT @JaanaRemes: 11m Craigslist rentals scraped to get a clearer picture of city housing crunch, ICYMI http://bit.ly/2fOEMnU @gboeing http…
 Tue Jan 03 18:26:02 2017

I represented @StantecUrban at the @100ResCities agenda setting workshop in Addis Ababa
📷 with @hoarec's Dr. Araya, @jmdenney & @MWHGlobal
 Tue Jan 03 15:08:37 2017

Mini design guidelines:
Ensure access to sun, open space, mass transit & active transportation. 0' setback, parking at rear or under bldgs.
 Sun Jan 01 22:28:01 2017

Best guess for #2017 city trends: inclusionary, predictive, shared, autonomous, circular, healthy, incremental
 Sun Jan 01 04:24:01 2017

Goodbye the ATL and all your sprawling mayhem 🚀
 Fri Dec 30 17:26:18 2016

Replying to @PassiveHouseBB and @FastCoDesign

on the other hand, petrol will only stay underground if energy is so cheap that it is uneconomic to extract.
 Sun Dec 18 21:22:41 2016

Replying to @bldgblog

when does it hatch
 Sun Dec 18 00:56:43 2016

Excellent article on Rotterdam's urbanism, including a quote from yours truly about the city's creative energy https://www.fastcoexist.com/3060998/change-generation/experimental-city-how-rotterdam-became-the-world-leader-in-sustainable-urb
 Mon Dec 12 11:25:31 2016

[new post] how storytelling might help explain the threats of #climatechange @Stantec @StantecUrban http://www.stantec.com/blog/2016/inspiring-local-climate-change-action.html
 Fri Dec 02 20:35:37 2016

"Virtual parking" replacing need for new garages. Subsidizing rideshare will set behavior pattern 4 shared AV future
https://www.uber.com/info/nj-summit-parking-pilot/ https://twitter.com/SharedUseCntr/status/786205596777385984
 Mon Nov 21 14:43:47 2016

At #zofnass_conference, Mayor @dawnzimmernj describes how @rebuildbydesign is progressing in @CityofHoboken
 Fri Nov 04 14:48:33 2016

"Venture capital investment in urban technology firms has gone from $200k/year in 2008 to $1.8B"
Hudson Yards = $14B
 Fri Nov 04 00:00:21 2016

Successful interactive online community input map http://depts.washington.edu/myplaces/
 Mon Oct 31 22:31:15 2016

What #urbandesign #fullstack might look like
We use @Esri ArcGIS, @autodesk AutoCAD, @SketchUp, @Adobe AI & INDD to go from data to design
 Tue Oct 25 16:05:09 2016

Citizens, urban designers, and health care systems are coalescing around the healthy city agenda for quality of life and sustainability https://twitter.com/Stantec/status/780897418048974848
 Wed Sep 28 13:30:53 2016

I like how @Rit_Aggarwala discusses good (interaction) versus bad (traffic) friction in cities https://medium.com/sidewalk-talk/the-first-principles-of-urbanism-part-i-18105c03cdcf#.mq467gx08
 Sun Sep 18 20:11:47 2016

🚘 0 :🚶 1
 Wed Sep 14 20:02:28 2016

Replying to @lflockwood

and the best part about automobiles is you don't need to keep horses...
 Wed Sep 14 16:36:02 2016

SF curbless mews
 Wed Sep 14 16:33:16 2016

In the past week, I've had 2 ppl from the hard sciences ask me how 2 get into #urbanplanning bc they want to work w a social/environ impact
 Tue Sep 13 21:03:43 2016

Yo urbanists and city-dwellers, check out the draft #NewUrbanAgenda for shared vision & call 2 action
#NUA #Habitat3
 Tue Sep 13 19:55:27 2016

Thx @WorldLearning for inviting me to lead an urbanism lab at #AlumniTIES seminar on climate change & digital tools https://twitter.com/peterswandering/status/774717154276945920
 Sun Sep 11 20:55:41 2016

"California is on pace to push its emissions back down to 1990 levels by 2020 — and the economy has thrived." http://www.vox.com/2016/8/29/12650488/california-climate-law-sb-32
 Sat Sep 10 17:34:54 2016

Some drone-projector-interface testers at Stanford
 Sat Sep 10 03:22:17 2016

.@StateDept @WorldLearning #alumnities is kicking off in Santa Clara. Top idea so far so is early education about permanence on this planet
 Fri Sep 09 17:19:35 2016

.@SketchUp really took over as the program for arch massing, check this rezoning application http://www1.nyc.gov/assets/planning/download/pdf/applicants/env-review/pfizer/eas.pdf
 Tue Aug 30 14:03:35 2016

$Ford now sees itself as not just a carmaker but a “mobility company.” http://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/17/business/ford-promises-fleets-of-driverless-cars-within-five-years.html?_r=1
 Mon Aug 22 13:32:41 2016

In the @autodesk BUILD space, what I imagine the future of creative manufacture spaces looks like
 Wed Aug 17 19:36:30 2016

https://bicycledutch.wordpress.com/2016/08/16/the-almost-finished-f59-from-%ca%bcs-hertogenbosch-to-oss/ I like the designations of cycletracks with "F" for fast... waiting for Boston-Providence F1 🚲
 Tue Aug 16 00:51:25 2016

Replying to @dank, @ONSDir and @marty_walsh

congrats on a successful event. Make it permanent!
 Mon Aug 08 12:42:47 2016

That upside down peace sign tree symbol from the #OpeningCeremony ✌🌲
 Sat Aug 06 16:53:22 2016

#Burundi wins the fashion parade (so far) #OpeningCeremony
 Sat Aug 06 01:37:45 2016

Alewife Reservation, Cambridge
 Fri Aug 05 23:18:26 2016

Replying to @Leigh_Christie and @TheTrackR

Leigh, how do you use them?
 Thu Jul 28 13:54:00 2016

Replying to @dobbelska

i.e. what if LA ran out of water? Immense #'s of refugees & other cities are also overwhelmed. Interesting times.
 Thu Jul 28 13:52:54 2016

Replying to @GreenLaneProj and @NACTO

NACTO has the best diagrams
 Mon Jul 25 21:26:21 2016

Replying to @henkovink, @facebook, @google, @100ResCities, @IABR, @SPUR_Urbanist and @olliemilman

also at risk of being car-oriented 1950's-mentality planning
 Mon Jul 25 16:51:33 2016

I love @ODAArchitecture's Rheingold Brewery project, very cool courtyards and hybrid spaces http://www.oda-architecture.com/projects/rheingold-brewery
 Fri Jul 15 15:54:32 2016

Replying to @whichlight and @Medium

https://conditionaldesign.org/ check these guys, "conditional design" collaborative process ✍
 Sun Jul 03 15:44:37 2016

Civic websites:
Iterative design
Audience = everyone
6th grade reading level
Accessible (pa11y)
No hero image
@lflockwood #BostonCivicMedia
 Fri Jun 10 22:06:13 2016

Check out http://small-world.kr/ a data collection/viz project by @wonyoungso mapping connections between creators
 Fri Jun 10 21:52:24 2016

Political leadership is not what events you show up to (drive-by leadership?) elected officials need be listen meaningfully, also @IISCBlog
 Fri Jun 10 14:49:13 2016

Replying to @km and @dank

we're doing our best to turn this dirty backwater into a global city 😜
 Thu Jun 09 23:03:58 2016

I've heard of west coast, east coast, gulf coast, third coast - but just found out about SPACE COAST
 Tue May 31 21:15:03 2016

Replying to @rightlegpegged and @CityOfBoston

looks like a 5-lane 1-way to me. Parking lanes are also lanes.
 Sun May 29 22:00:49 2016

Being a pedestrian in Boston is a constant and macabre game of "ground is lava"
 Fri May 27 18:17:29 2016

This is the first time I've noticed a company owning their glassdoor reputation. Seems like a good move. https://twitter.com/HKSArchitects/status/735560727704965120
 Thu May 26 17:50:35 2016

Human scale "Street of the future" spread in Rotterdam's Resilience Strategy @100ResCities http://www.100resilientcities.org/page/-/100rc/ResilienceBoek_Deel1_defdef_ENG_04.pdf
 Thu May 19 14:41:58 2016

Funky stuff at @IndustryLab
 Sun May 15 00:49:18 2016

Central Park : NYC ::
Charles River : Boston & Cambridge

 Wed May 04 17:44:41 2016

Replying to @liserbether

it would be interesting to temporarily close lanes throughout the city to test if there are serious impacts... 🤔
 Wed May 04 15:44:40 2016

"The private garage is the urban version of the rural farm" extra room for tools, open on weekends @cityateyelevel
 Mon May 02 13:32:40 2016

An interesting thing about plinths (ground floor uses) from NL by @cityateyelevel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOdtT0-dvHE
 Sat Apr 30 22:21:45 2016

I 💖 raw stones in public spaces. Scale & features for bouldering in cities! Pic #Boston
 Tue Apr 26 17:39:05 2016

Good shared street example at Kendall Square's North Plaza
 Mon Apr 25 17:35:05 2016

One of my favorite things about the @IABR is their bold use of typography
 Fri Apr 22 13:16:03 2016

You think the Redskins' parking lot takes cues from Black Rock City to "create an intimate tailgating experience"?
 Thu Mar 31 14:02:53 2016

Toronto did a good set of performance standards for mid-rise buildings back in 2010 http://www1.toronto.ca/wps/portal/contentonly?vgnextoid=7238036318061410VgnVCM10000071d60f89RCRD
 Wed Mar 23 20:45:55 2016

The follow-through on Vancouver's Olympic Village is rather remarkable

 Wed Mar 23 16:49:13 2016

I love the "Concept House Village" idea; the Boston area needs one! @CHV_Rotterdam
Rendering from @DuzanDoepel
 Tue Mar 22 20:43:57 2016

Return of the metabolists!
"Pop-up village in south-east London to house homeless families"
 Tue Mar 22 15:24:39 2016

This is what residential shared streets should look like, courtesy of Malmo, Sweden and streetview

 Mon Mar 21 18:54:47 2016

I can't shake the feeling that SoCal really dislikes humans
 Tue Mar 01 23:26:32 2016

Not exactly news, but always nice to see the mainstream media picking up on walkability
 Tue Mar 01 19:08:48 2016

Boston - also consider cascading and exchanging surplus energy/exergy between users @cyclifier @AMS_institute https://twitter.com/BostonRedevelop/status/697522465027846144
 Wed Feb 17 18:52:12 2016

The wellness-focused urban design we've been working on is getting some great press @StantecUrban @JeffSpeckAICP https://twitter.com/USGBC/status/699886135141601281
 Wed Feb 17 16:54:36 2016

Replying to @MikeLydon and @wintercycle2016

lots of winter bikers in Boston area these days. It's also 50 degrees... #fairweatherfans
 Wed Feb 03 18:32:00 2016

"The Fat City That Declared War On Obesity" - @JeffSpeckAICP and healthy, walkable cities in HuffPo http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/oklahoma-obesity_us_562002e1e4b050c6c4a4eb75
 Tue Feb 02 04:05:04 2016

"Urban effect" by #Soleri:
Living things r miniature & complex & bonded
+ cities r hyperorganisms
∴ cities thrive when compact & dense
 Sat Jan 30 19:46:53 2016

How we live together defines civility. Hence, sustainable cities are not an end to themselves but a means to transforming ourselves #soleri
 Sat Jan 30 19:37:45 2016

Happy New Year from Yangon!
 Fri Jan 01 05:46:34 2016

#myanmar #woonerf #sharedstreet
 Thu Dec 24 01:02:10 2015

I love the promise behind LaMem, but I think it needs some tweaking http://memorability.csail.mit.edu/demo.html #machinelearning
 Wed Dec 16 19:30:39 2015

The Circular Economy is getting some investment! https://twitter.com/bruce_katz/status/670690419991314433
 Sun Nov 29 01:13:41 2015

.@moreaulee on office design:
New relevant questions
More space for thinking
More chaos
Fewer presumed answers
 Tue Nov 17 14:13:19 2015

Replying to @nelszzp

.@rcklr #autodesk: Innovation needs a place to make a mess without lawyers upstairs. Class A office is incompatible w soldering. #ABX2015
 Tue Nov 17 13:59:51 2015

.@rcklr: All #autodesk successful locations have repurposed character. Adaptation creates innovation. Constraints help design. #ABX2015
 Tue Nov 17 13:46:22 2015

Kairos Shen: Boston's Innovation District has too few streets, like a body w arteries but no capillaries, lacks fingertip touch. #ABX2015
 Tue Nov 17 13:33:01 2015

RT @wescraiglow: Twenty is plenty. Thin is in. Tight is right. #UrbanPlanning
 Mon Nov 16 16:24:52 2015

Rem Koolhaas talks about land art and distribution centers https://youtu.be/shVxB6wRHo0?t=19m9s
 Sat Oct 31 00:39:49 2015

"to assess persistence, we need to also consider resistance as the complimentary attribute of resilience." (S. Carpenter 2001)
 Tue Oct 27 14:24:56 2015

 Mon Oct 26 03:17:00 2015

Working on my concept for a piece of interactive street furniture
 Sat Oct 24 01:52:57 2015

- 0' setbacks
- Parking on-street and behind buildings.
From @hborys
 Wed Oct 21 14:34:06 2015

These are my favorite five symbols from the Sustainable Development Goals https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/?menu=1300
 Mon Oct 19 17:41:07 2015

RT @stevemouzon: If you're not designing a city where people naturally get 10,000 steps/day, you're designing a physically sick city.
 Fri Oct 16 17:04:40 2015

Good morning, Boston!
 Wed Oct 14 13:59:15 2015

Cambridge Bicycle Plan drops 209 pages of knowledge & infographics, incl. Grand Junction Path http://www.cambridgema.gov/CDD/Transportation/bikesincambridge/bicyclenetworkplan
 Fri Oct 09 13:52:05 2015

Baghdad's 762 BC nucleus looks like Black Rock City
 Tue Oct 06 16:48:30 2015

US cities are over-dimensioned for a single type of user (drivers) and inhospitable for the rest. Scaling down spaces is a huge challenge.
 Mon Oct 05 14:23:00 2015

RT @StantecUrban: 1st certified #urban #wellness district: both plan & bldg design support users' health http://bit.ly/1GgXOaq @WELLcertif…
 Wed Sep 30 14:13:33 2015

RT @elpriceisright: "I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy it. This makes it hard to plan…
 Wed Sep 30 13:39:06 2015

Cider pressing in VT!
 Sun Sep 27 20:33:55 2015

Getting our plan critiqued at the ULI UrbanPlan training @StantecUrban
 Thu Sep 24 15:23:51 2015

They built a wind turbine from scratch in rural Ethiopia. Difficulty 10. “Wind Empowerment Jijiga 2015” on @Vimeo https://vimeo.com/124215414
 Wed Sep 09 01:47:32 2015

Streets aren't meant for cars, they cause congestion & threaten the horse manure removal economy! Cars kill jobs @Jeff_Jacoby @BostonGlobe
 Thu Sep 03 00:17:01 2015

I thought that crowdsourcing pedestrian routes from quantified-self devices would be useful, & @Mapbox just did it! https://twitter.com/lxbarth/status/633708692223979520
 Tue Aug 18 18:43:45 2015

A city is really just a collection of buildings unless it is walkable.
 Fri Aug 14 21:24:11 2015

Replying to @nelszzp

.@JoeCurtatone & @MayorDavidMaher it could have been your city. Most streets are accidents waiting to happen. Easy fixes are possible!
 Mon Aug 10 12:16:32 2015

.@marty_walsh Bike infra must be proactive; cant wait till someone dies (Sullivan Sq & Mass Ave) Big actions not words NOW @bostonbikeunion
 Sun Aug 09 19:37:29 2015

Hey, Not Enough Sleep, good to see you, I'd like to introduce you to my friend Too Much Coffee. I'm sure you'll get along.
 Sun Aug 09 18:26:25 2015

RT @ProPublica: How and where the US generates electricity: https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/national/power-plants/
 Mon Aug 03 15:30:34 2015

Double use of tram tracks as bus lane, something for Tampa! @StantecUrban @JeffSpeckAICP
 Sun Jul 26 18:56:37 2015

Cars 1 - Buses 2 on Portland's 5th Ave. Peñalosa's dream
 Sun Jul 26 18:51:47 2015

#californiadrought—what does rethinking sprawling cities w forward-looking models (not rebldging conventional cities in desert) mean to you
 Fri Jul 24 19:58:42 2015

RT @MITdusp: This new software from @MIT's @sutdsg can analyze cities as spatial networks: http://goo.gl/ljJbnV
 Fri Jul 10 20:09:33 2015

Roads are already fossil fuel (asphalt), so upgrading to structured recycled plastics may be smart @KWS_Infra
 Fri Jul 10 20:04:58 2015

Urban designers on ice in Tampa. @StantecUrban
 Fri Jun 19 12:39:39 2015

Competitive cities in action - Blue is declining population, red increasing.
 Thu Jun 18 23:23:55 2015

RT @NASAGoddardPix: The world’s first, full-color HD videos of Earth, filmed from the International Space Station released by @UrtheCast
 Thu Jun 18 19:52:18 2015

Amersfoort stepping up its green building game -- wood and solar PV covered in vegetation http://www.oneplanet.org/business-garden/
 Wed Jun 03 13:25:07 2015

Looking for a muralist in Union Square for wall feature $2,000 #somerville
 Thu May 28 13:05:21 2015

Separated Bike Lane Planning and Design Guide! @USDOTFHWA http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/environment/bicycle_pedestrian/publications/separated_bikelane_pdg/page00.cfm
 Tue May 26 03:10:12 2015

RT @karbrandt: Congrats @nelszzp on the @CambridgeCRA's Forward Fund! Excited to see the Social Umbrella in Cambridge soon! http://t.co/lZm…
 Fri May 22 00:40:18 2015

Taking back the streets of #Somerville #porchfest
 Sun May 17 23:11:13 2015

Keeping up with the Joneses @bostonbikeunion http://www.citylab.com/commute/2015/05/san-francisco-wants-to-lower-bike-injuries-by-raising-bike-lanes/392492/
 Wed May 06 13:05:06 2015

 Mon May 04 21:49:18 2015

teamwork on a design project feels like :
(a) a LAN party
(b) making a sand mandala
(c) piloting an enormous robot together
 Sun May 03 23:55:58 2015

A guy on a trike biked past playing the Star Wars theme song on his trumpet and said quietly "Lightsaber-built arts and crafts." #somerville
 Sun May 03 23:15:54 2015

Replying to @BenSpielberg, @tinysubversions, @metaCoop and @djessrow

in NL, min wage goes up with age, so both of scenarios in the infographic could work out
 Mon Apr 27 21:53:50 2015

When are people going to have the same access to civic space as cars? Pic in front of Museum of Science #askMJW
 Wed Apr 22 19:00:12 2015

Amazing data visualization from @sfiscience on polarization of congress http://www.santafe.edu/news/item/polarization-congress-stymies-innovation/
 Wed Apr 22 03:04:08 2015

Every #car advertisement ever "Introducing our new PM2.5-generating, asthma-inducing entropy machine"
 Thu Apr 16 13:52:26 2015

.@IABR–2016–THE NEXT ECONOMY– advocates for an urban economy that is guided by a social agenda and motored by meaningful employment.
 Wed Apr 15 13:53:54 2015

Dang, this @MishkaHenner guy is @davidmaisel1-level-good. The town/oil field image is great

 Sat Apr 11 01:05:44 2015

I recognize that style! Congrats to @DoepelStrijkers who gave me my 1st opportunity in design http://thedutchwindwheel.com/en/index
 Tue Apr 07 12:57:02 2015

My "I wish I'd thought of that" list has a new entry
#AugmentedReality #turntable
 Fri Apr 03 02:12:59 2015

"Add some PR panels to the roof"
"You mean PV panels?"
#publicrelations #photovoltaic #energy #sustainability #UrbanPlanning
 Fri Apr 03 00:25:30 2015

"Towards the Amsterdam Circular Economy" is worth checking out @AmsterdamNL #urbanism #resilience #circulareconomy
 Mon Mar 30 21:55:50 2015

Looking for a #CambridgeMA property owner to host a @CambridgeCRA's Forward Fund public amenity - "Social Umbrella"
 Fri Mar 27 12:46:28 2015

.@City_Works and @crwdbldng are two similar (dutch) approaches to cooperative city making. A new #collaborative #urbanism?
 Thu Mar 26 03:27:49 2015

All hands on desk! Charrette for Union Square timelapse: http://youtu.be/jmpR71q5WvU #planunionsquare #Somerville
 Tue Mar 10 23:06:14 2015

RT @wetlnd: Friday's Bring Your Own Beamer party will now be at @DowneastCider Check out the event page https://www.facebook.com/events/340201669503597 http://t.co…
 Mon Mar 09 03:10:36 2015

Urban form and function deeply impacts our lived experiences—I want to create places that enable productivity, happiness, and health for all
 Thu Mar 05 15:29:23 2015

Calling street signage "Environmental Graphic Design" is pretty hip; calling it "Urban UX" would be even hipper. http://www.nelsonelson.com/urban-user-experience/
 Mon Mar 02 22:55:27 2015

Physical and virtual #UX designers say "good design gets out of the way"
What does that would mean for #urbandesign & #architecture?
 Mon Mar 02 22:30:25 2015

Under the Longfellow #Boston #bostonsnow
 Sat Feb 28 17:57:47 2015

http://www.superglue.it seems neat, another great joint from my heros at http://worm.org, institute for avantgarde recreation
 Sat Feb 28 16:44:11 2015

#planunionsquare #somerville
 Thu Feb 26 04:19:28 2015

RT @karbrandt: Instead of complaining abt #MBTA, we should talk abt why the gas tax didn't increase in Nov + the privatization of public tr…
 Thu Feb 05 15:01:14 2015

Even w/ best case renewables-- climate change, freshwater shortages & ocean acidification. #climateadaptation anyone? http://spectrum.ieee.org/energy/renewables/what-it-would-really-take-to-reverse-climate-change
 Mon Jan 26 17:20:43 2015

"Cities 3.0, where the city is a hub of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology. It's paperless, wireless and cashless" @KJ_MayorJohnson
 Wed Jan 21 18:39:17 2015

Replying to @VicarCRC, @bostonbikeunion and @MassDCR

way to brave the elements! Even in the winter, biking is #stillbetterthandriving
 Wed Jan 14 14:09:56 2015

I dig the Belle Isle Pedestrian Bridge in Richmond, VA. It is suspended footbridge running under a highway.
 Tue Jan 13 17:48:07 2015

Congrats to my amazing friend Katrin Puetz, (B)ENERGY mobile biogas solutions founder, for her Fast Co.Exist writeup http://www.fastcoexist.com/3039906/these-hilarious-inflated-backpacks-are-actually-delivering-cheap-local-energy-to-the-rural-p?partner
 Wed Jan 07 15:36:35 2015

For all ecologists, system analysts, and graphic designers—#MarkLombardi knew how to draw a network graph
 Tue Jan 06 17:48:12 2015

parking sequence
 Tue Jan 06 16:37:18 2015

Cities are people, stones, and rules.

@Joanclos, 2012
#urbandesign #urbanplanning
 Mon Jan 05 22:35:17 2015

Urban Ecology isn't just birds in cities—it's Industrial Ecology concepts applied across all intra-urban metabolic connections #urbanecology
 Mon Jan 05 22:19:47 2015

11111011111 #binary #NYE2015 #palindrome
 Thu Jan 01 02:17:01 2015

A leader with refreshing ideas -- "We should learn the art of coexistence in a civil manner with our differences."
- President Raul Castro.
 Thu Dec 18 14:50:12 2014

Highway blocking protests are an interesting development #ShutItDown - New York, Boston, Miami, Chicago, Oakland, DC
 Sat Dec 06 03:05:56 2014

The high-density low-rise urbanism of a typical East #CambridgeMa residential street on a late autumn's evening
 Mon Dec 01 17:59:30 2014

Strawberries growing under a @Heliospectra lamp in the @medialab
 Sun Nov 09 21:07:06 2014

Spooky sharrows, a biker's worst nightmare @TheCecilGroup @bostonbikeunion Happy Halloween
 Fri Oct 31 20:42:19 2014

Expert-only "#bike lane" in #Boston — We need #BikewaysForEveryone now! @bostonbikeunion http://bostoncyclistsunion.org/bikeways-for-everybody/
 Thu Oct 09 16:22:59 2014

Space frame structure made by 3-D weaving of rod members, Inventor Kenneth D. Snelson, US Patent 6739937 B2
 Wed Oct 08 22:08:52 2014

#CambridgeMA #parkingday @bostonbikeunion @TheCecilGroup @bikesnotbombs @parkingday http://youtu.be/YLx_OJZc4RQ
 Sun Sep 21 18:15:13 2014

Material Flow Analysis Diagrams blog is back after a long hiatus: Nitrogen flows in the Day-Nhue River Basin, Vietnam http://mfadiagrams.blogspot.com/
 Wed Sep 17 17:07:15 2014

It's interesting to consider the dichotomy that can exist between what we desire and what we manifest -Michael Kerbow
 Tue Sep 02 20:05:38 2014

RT @damienchivialle: Building #UFU : the Urban Farm Unit from Brussels on video http://youtu.be/k8c7M8Z-lBE
 Tue Aug 12 16:13:34 2014

What a difference a little paint will make! #cyclelane #contraflow #roaddiet #montreal #cycling @bostonbikeunion
 Fri Aug 01 17:42:19 2014

How many bits would a #bitcoin coin, if a bitcoin could coin bit? As many bits as a bitcoin would, if a bitcoin could coin bit.
 Mon Jul 21 03:08:31 2014

#TheInternetsOwnBoy is a good, meaningful documentary #AaronSwartz watch free/CC @ http://archive.org #activism https://archive.org/details/TheInternetsOwnBoyTheStoryOfAaronSwartz
 Mon Jun 30 16:09:42 2014

Commuter #cycling up 32% since last year in #Boston over Longfellow Brdg! http://ow.ly/yqZUU @bikeboston @bostonbikeunion @marty_walsh
 Wed Jun 25 14:48:53 2014

Everything @we_are_CUP touches is gold, including this Power Trip graphic http://welcometocup.org/Projects/UrbanInvestigations/PowerTrip
 Mon Jun 23 18:27:26 2014

Thinking about civic engagement in #urbanism that increases P and B, decreases C @antheaws
 Mon Jun 23 15:53:55 2014

Is it love? Love as currency in City Rising https://vimeo.com/96565633 by Brian Kuan Wood @e_flux with a little Constant Nieuwenhuys
 Sun Jun 22 14:55:11 2014

Heat map of currently flowering trees in #CambridgeMA from @CambridgeDPW http://www.cambridgema.gov/theworks/ourservices/urbanforestry/treeinventory/MayFloweringTrees.aspx
 Tue May 27 13:55:27 2014

Greater Boston is where pedestrians are least likely to be killed by drivers according to @SmartGrowthUSA 2014 report http://ow.ly/x6aC8
 Wed May 21 14:10:02 2014

#cycle track going down in #CambridgeMA #KendallSq Ames St. this morning
 Thu May 15 16:24:34 2014

"Rotterdam Metabolists" is now a thing, rightly codified by @iabr #urbanmetabolism http://iabr.nl/en/event14/rotterdamse-metabolisten
 Tue May 13 16:56:56 2014

Sunny trip to the only commercial farm in Boston's city limits @allandalefarm
 Tue May 13 13:22:52 2014

#Yardshare is really happening @mycitygardens "Matching gardeners to people with access to space" http://www.mycitygardens.com/
 Mon Mar 31 14:05:20 2014

Housing developers in Africa's burgeoning satellite cities must self-provide water, sewers, and power - how to maintain affordability? #HADC
 Sat Mar 29 15:45:51 2014

High speed access for East Africa: idea for a submarine communications cable flowing up the Nile River all the way to Uganda #HADC
 Sat Mar 29 14:35:22 2014

Riverwalk I designed @TheCecilGroup in @BostonGlobe: http://b.globe.com/1gFm4Ey. Full design http://ow.ly/uPfXI to be funded $5m by State
 Fri Mar 21 14:49:24 2014

I love this project in Rotterdam and am happy to see it finally come to fruition http://dirt.asla.org/2014/03/13/detours-obligatory-rotterdams-water-square/
 Sun Mar 16 23:11:19 2014

#Ethiopia dear friend Katrin's #biogas backpack http://www.be-nrg.com interview with eNews Channel Africa http://fw.to/GdxyItj
 Tue Feb 25 19:49:06 2014

Yours truly in the #bowlofdeath mini-velodrome
 Sun Feb 23 19:16:35 2014

Urban metabolism argot updates #anthrome #petrovore #humachine #citification #metrometabolic & #urbaformative here http://youtu.be/2YjqKi5ai9c?t=1h22m28s
 Sat Feb 15 22:30:30 2014

Asymmetrical #neckdown at one-way connection thru Boston's Greenway #bosnow good place to improve pedestrian comfort
 Tue Feb 04 15:45:51 2014

Small #sneckdown at Hampshire and Elm in Cambridge, MA is a good candidate for curb extensions
 Wed Jan 22 20:55:00 2014

We did it! Addis Ababa landfill gas capture and utilization project receives UNFCCC registration http://goo.gl/OSBWMQ
 Mon Oct 28 00:26:37 2013

Multinatural Histories ecological art exhibit at the Harvard Museum of Natural History http://goo.gl/6giOfk
 Sun Oct 13 16:03:50 2013

When a citizen has an experience, good or bad, a city will say that the experience is its own, and will share his pleasure or pain. Plato
 Thu May 02 15:41:22 2013

UNDP profiles my project "From Dump to Dollars: Landfill Gas Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)" http://goo.gl/bnHKs
 Tue Apr 30 13:53:58 2013